Donnie Darko

What the heck did I just see!!

Mother effin hell!

The ending sent my mind flying into pieces.

I feel like I’m staring into a vortex or a giant blob of jello. It’s hallucination-inducing.

The writer must be high on something. Most of movie felt like a 1 long hallucination, or a dream.. this is crazy!

I need a moment to process it.. by process I mean read the plot summary ..



Well. First I thought you might need to be a little dorky to understand Donnie Darko.

But then I read up the plot summary on wikipedia, which doesn’t do justice to the movie. Not even 30%. It doesn’t even touch the surface on the idea.

It’s easier to think of it as an idea rather than trying to make sense of it.

Jake Gyllenhaal himself said he hasn’t completely understood the movie to I’m at least not completely cinematically dumb.

The movie is about a teenager and shows his school and family life when it comes to environment of the movie. He seems to be struggling with some mental disorder and is getting treated for it.

After an accident he seems to be having visions of a giant bunny who starts to dictate his thoughts and actions.

Donnie is an artistic soul and denies traditional, actually shallow perspective of people around him. Throughout the movie he is struggling with his thoughts vs the world.

That’s just a bird eye view of the plot. The movie itself is thousand layers deep and leaves you questioning “did I miss something?”

Brilliant acting by everyone. And Jake Gyllenhaal is perfect.

Drew Berrymore looks breath-taking. Reminded me of my pretty English teachers.

I suggest you watch the trailer before watching actual movie. It’s not something you can casually watch anytime. It is going to take your mental energy (still miles behind shutter islands).

And when you do, don’t try to understand it or you might taint its essence.

Watch it like a dream.

P.s. There is an official website, if you really really want to look deeper into the story (which honestly I don’t personally suggest).



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  1. I used to work for a dvd renting place many moons ago. We were supposed to watch many films so we’d be able to help the customers better. I saw it then and felt exactly the same. Cool film all the same I find though 🙋‍♀️😍

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