Flying In The Times of Corona

I had to take flight on a metal eagle to reach my nest finally.

Feels home to be home, after returning from home.

Ain’t I dramatic? But wait. There’s more.

First of all, if you confined yourself in your home as advised, the world outside may suddenly overwhelm you. Like you have just been freed from a cave and it’s sunny outside and you are squinting, looking around and walking on shaky legs.. you get the idea..

We had a few types of masks and shields too, since 3 monkeys of the clan were supposed to travel.

The car felt infected for no reason.

I got the airport and realized in the parking that I forgot my laptop bag.. my brother could have killed me if he didn’t love me. Or maybe he thought if he wants to really see me leave, we need to get the bag.

So we went back called sis to bring it outside as dad would definitely kill me!

Then we went to airport…again!

A porter ran towards the car to help. Normally you have to wait for them and request for one from a help desk, I would soon know why.

Once inside it was almost empty. I was literally only passenger walking in a humungous hall because I got there a bit earlier and the flight was carrying 1/3rd of its regular passengers.

From check-in to boarding lounge happened in fast forwards, there were no queues. And I heard a cat in the lounge!

1 thing hit me. All the staff working at airport, especially porters and cleaners have been hit hard by the closure of flights. They would get tips from passengers and there were very few of them, I hope the rest have their jobs.

If you intend to fly soon please keep some change. If we can afford flight I think we can afford a few tips too.

I forgot my gloves at home. But my mask was glued to my face all the time.

Fun fact: if you wear glasses and mask, you will keep misting your glasses with your own breath. I tried to fix the mask on bridge of my know but I kept getting walking-between-clouds experience.

Then came emirates plane and they gave us hygiene kits..this guy.


And they announced already there are some cuts on food and drink and I was a hungry whale. I was praying they give us something, anything to eat or I would eat safety manual.

As always I played the movie. This time spies in disguise. It was ok.

We got off the plane. Filled a few forms about our choice of quarantine (own home or hotel) and some health disclosures.

Then came the scariest part. Nasal swab test!!

I tried to practice at home with a cotton bud. DO NOT TRY IT EVER!

This was a very thin strip that goes in your both nostrils one by one. The lady conducting the test was kind enough to do it in a flash or I would start screaming.

It wasn’t that painful. It was irritating!

It was like a Julianne cut chilly pushed in your nose.

It didn’t take more than a second but I got up with watery eyes.

First we had clouds, then we had rain..what a day!

Btw, I got results of my test and it’s negative! Yay me!

Then we were asked to download a cover19 app and at exit I was told a free cab will take me home.

I haven’t experienced this kind of kindness, so my first reply was “no, thanks” then I suddenly ask him “which exit?”.

Next I was guided to a black Tesla.

When in Dubai, you know you are in Dubai!

I am supposed to be in self-quarantine for 14 days, then there will be one more test and then I can do whatever I want.

I’m doing well so far. Before test results I was imagining symptoms but I feel better after knowing that it came negative for covid.

Now editing, reading, writing, eating and movies!!

Trying to eat cleaner I have become human form of carbs in last 4 months!

Haven’t lost my muscle strength yet, I managed to drag 4 pieces of luggage on my own (around 45 kgs) after poor diet and zero workout. So I think i’m doing fine.

Life’s good 🙂


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