Got my first royalties!!

I was wondering when was the last time I was actually happy? when was the last time I shed tears of joy? (even though it’s not been very long, but in times like these we tend to forget good times)

And then few hours later I got my first royalties of my first book!

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-05 at 7.13.00 PM

After more than 1 year of publishing it.

And I was shivering and smiling and crying all at once.

I am too happy to be able to write something. I just came here to tell you all as this was possible just because of you guys.

Living in Dubai, my real life folks and myself never had proper access to my book so all I had was my wordpress followers, you guys!

Even these payment was only possible through borderless banking.

So, thank you for everything you all have done for me. For everything I once thought was impossible.

Thanks a lot!

Here’s link to my book (for new followers):


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  1. Stephen king or Kurt Vonnegut forget which but likely king said this is the moment you’re a pro. It matters little if you go get a coffee or pay the light bill or something it’s what came of your words!. Congrats.

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      1. Again, congrats! I’m happy you joys. You are of Dubai… Hmn far edge of the hell hic continence of the rift valley tastes there in south eastern whatever past red sea…. May I suggest, mocha.
        Real slightly lemon rindy toasty mocha coffee. Not the choco glurp of sugar crap passing as mocha here USA… Realll mocha coffee. Make it an espresso. Strong beauty. Maybe even an Arabic style affair with sugar and cardomum. (known most often as a Turkish coffee… But duh game and good spread. Revel in it!. Tell me of it. Mmmmm. ;).


  2. I have lost the wordpress follwing link with you but due to help of support I have find the link back with you again,request to continue to like my post and kindly follow my blogs.Your valuable feedback,likes dislikes will help me to grow and motivate myself for writing more materials.Inconvinience regreted from my end.Have a nice day..


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