Red Lipstick Effect

I pulled out my cosmetic bag from a rubble of random stuff that sat in a corner of our room.

As this is room of a designing student, we have whole mountain range of random art supplies. That’s where I stacked my stuff too until flights resume.

My bag had a layer of dust as people haven’t been washing their face in days, how can those people design to wear any make-up… here, people is me!

The way I was looking for my red lipstick, looked like I was possessed by a witch, since lock down may not apply to them. Thanks to scarcity of make up I quickly found a deep red one.

Opened it, twisted it, prayed my niece doesn’t appear, and started dabbing it on my chapped lips.

Lips and lipstick both weren’t cooperating or maybe the memory of how to use a lipstick had been misted by this new order.

After dragging small strokes I somehow managed to paint my lips deep shiraz red. The shape looked different but where was I going anyway. And deep down I have always been a joker fan.

I opened my hair and ran my fingers through them, since hair brushes seems to be a commodity humans could easily live without.

I didn’t know my baby sister was the silent witness throughout this ritual, who, now was running towards her phone.

First thought, she is going to call an ambulance

2nd thought, she is going to take a picture.

She did none but clearly she looked shocked keeping a tight grip on her phone.

Next moment I was floating around in my home and rest of the clan looked like I pressed freeze button, but they all had fear written on their face in bold letters, no matter how hard they tried to conceal it. As if they are thinking..maybe it’s time..

Finally after decades of futile attempts, I managed to scare my family for once, without actually doing anything.

Mission accomplished!

P.s. Red lipstick has been weirdly therapeutic in murky times. This was the first time I had audience.

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19 thoughts on “Red Lipstick Effect

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  1. Do you know the lipstick index? It’s basically that in times of economic downturns (the great depression, ww2) women actually spend MORE on lipstick – it’s a small, affordable luxury, and a pop of colour can make us feel better. Now, with masks, there may be a mascara index! Is that next for you? 😉

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    1. That makes so much sense. There have been times when I’m sad for no reason and a little bit lipstick helped.
      Lol I totaly had that in my mind if I plan to go out (which I havent in 2 months) I am wearing a mascara. Why just scare your family when you can do it on a larger scale. People will be more scared of my than corona.


  2. I had this mental image of you with big red joker smile signing copies of your poetry book….LOL. Now that would really disturb your family.

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