What if it worked out?

My anxiety have been through the ozone lately, like a lot of people who already struggled with it even before the pandemic.

Self loathing, complaining and constant fear of losing a valuable chunk of your life that would be retrievable. All of that combined is quite nerve-wrecking.

But then I saw a quote. That was something like “if you are getting anxious about what you don’t have, imagine for a moment what if you had them, what if things worked out”.

And then when I thought about it, my perspective took 180° turn.

I couldn’t help thinking, if not this, I could be in a worse situation and a worse place.

Some things just aren’t meant for us yet we keep longing for them.

We hate our fate for being unfair to us, and honestly our hate is at times justified. But where would you be if everything worked out the way you wanted?

I’m trying to make it a habit. As it has made me so much calmer and helped me with my anxiety tremendously.

If I had what everyone else have, I wouldn’t be here writing. I would be leading a traditional life that never appealed me. I might have grown into people I pity or people who make me cringe.

Maybe I would hate my life even more.

Not saying everything I don’t have is not worth having or everything I have is perfect, I don’t have that kind of positivity.

I might not be having my dream life, but I have a lot of what I didn’t imagined I would have.


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23 thoughts on “What if it worked out?

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  1. Good way to look at things. When my mental state is less volatile, I think, if things had worked out the way I’d thought I wanted, I wouldn’t have Spook or the friends I do have so…maybe I ended up right where I need to be.

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  2. Very introspective!! This is something I am learning too without putting limitations on what I can do. I cannot ever completely know what I am capable of until I take the leap of faith to play around with the things that interest me. Helen Keller has a powerful quote “I am only one, but still I am one.I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”

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  3. I remember some cretin in the past had a mock “show car” piece of junk, and it had “ya never know” emblazoned in pink down both sides. I had a moment like your moment earlier today where I thought about, while being for a few minutes lost in the past, thought how far I had come since the embittered burial ground of the past. I, it must be added, am reaching for the horizon in my own way these days………

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