Make me calm #WritePhoto #Poetry

Make me cold
Like those stone walls
So old

Make me calm
Like that baby’s hand
Nestled in my palm

Make me still
Just like the winter ocean

Don’t make me cry
Like that smoldering rain
Drizzling from red sky

Show me some light
It’s getting dark and i’m tired
Of this internal fight

I want to sleep
I have been kept awake
By the torments so deep

I’m asking for help
God, please don’t let my troubles
Lay another whelp

Don’t let me drown
The fear of invisible demons
Is weighing me down

Don’t let me drift
Anchor my soul to your path
I feel deprived of this gift..

Make me feel joy
For what feel like forever
I have always been a toy..



Written for Sue Vincent Weekly Write Photo Challenge

Copyright © 2020 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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