My Giveaway Experience

I ran Free Book Promotion last Saturday and Sunday, considering that a lot of people are confined in their home and I got inspired by fellow writers who were doing the same.

Now, I’m going to share my experience.

First of, it was crazy ecstatic amazing ride!

It’s been an exhausting week. Drained all of my energies but was worth every minute invested.


The moment I decided, I had to look into it asap as I never did it before. First of all I had to enroll in KDP Select so that I can run promotions. After that you get 2 option; free portion or countdown promotion, the latter one needs more planning and it allows you to sell at a reduced price (which I Didn’t want) so I scheduled free promotion.

You can do it for 5 days in 90 days period, first I was planning to consumed all 5 of them (I was in an overdrive) but my friend suggested I split the days, so 2 at a time sounded like a better idea.

Promotion Channels

Since I have been writing anonymously (stoner is not my name) and my readers do not know my identity, I have a lot limitation when it comes to this area.

I have my blog, Email List, and Twitter & Instagram account. With literally close to nothing followers on instagram & twitter (some of which are my blog friends) My strongest platform was wordpress.

Then Lee Hall dropped this link of websites where you can promote your book,

A big shoutout to this guy, he is so incredibly supportive, he helps you without even asking.

Then once you start exploring websites, some of them suggest more links. This part you need to plan at least 4 5 days before, as sites need time to schedule too.

I was able to submit my book for 9 websites, out of which these 6 websites featured my promotion for free. So, if you are planning a promotion, I can safely vouch for them.

I was posting on my twitter (@nfmirza) and instagram (stoneronarollercoaster)too but I don’t thing that helped much.

I sent Email campaign to subscribers few days before, which had 32.6% open rate, again not that bad. But these already are my blog followers. So this area overlaps.


Now comes the best part!

I gave away total 165 book in these 48 hours!

These 48 hours spread over 3 days because of time zone difference.

I was thinking if I hit a 100, that would be great. So this was beyond my expectation.

Then followed a spike in ranking of the book.

I have enrolled my book in 7 categories. I have written how to do it in this post –

It was on No.1 In 4 of them, 2nd 3rd and 12th in the rest.

And 5th best seller in poetry.

Even though all of these rankings slide fast, the satisfaction you get is priceless!

Bottomline & Acknowledgements

I am wholeheartedly grateful for anyone who got their copy, not just that I was able to give more books (I didn’t earn a penny from them), but I genuinely wanted my regular readers to have my book.

It’s very hard to track the source of these 165 ebooks, but my guess is majority are from blog followers and promotional websites.

Whoever got my book, again I really thank you all. It’s been a joyful experience. My siblings were going crazy with me as we were constantly refreshing the report.

They are thinking about a little celebration. This whole thing has brought me and my family, joy and contentment.

For that I appreciate everyone of you!

It would be great if you can spare a few precious minutes to rate the book or drop a review. That would be worth a million to me (emotionally).

If you need to ask anything, feel free to do so.

Thanks A Lot!

Have a great day!

Copyright © 2020 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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  1. What an excellent post Stoner, from my perspective from a different angle from yours as the author – but a totally brilliant and informative post.

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