Officially an Owl!

“Stoner stoner..”

I heard a soft but concerned voice through my mild coma.

It has to be dad, he is only brave enough family member to call me that.

In my head I switch to snooze on the first “stoner” of this human alarm but it wouldn’t stop.

I don’t think this one is a dream.

I used all my energy to open my eyes and through fog, stars and galaxies I saw someone standing at the door.

Unless there was a burglary going on, it had to be dad.

Our dad never entered our rooms without knocking as far my memory goes.. which doesn’t go farther than few seconds but well..

Earthquake or fire!!

If that was true it would be my last day alive as I already used all of my energy to list my eyelids pen my eyes, that had boulders of sleep sitting on them.

“Stoner what’s wrong..what happened??”

Now you tell me, what would you think if someone wakes you up and ask what happened?

I was sleeping! that happened. If something happened in my absence how would I know!

My loose tongue deceived me and blurted out “I cooked dinner and sehri (pre-fast meal)”

What?? I heard.

What?? I said.

After few more exchange of “whats” in varying pitch and frequencies, I somehow found myself in the kitchen which is at least 50 steps away from my room. I must have walked there as no cranes where involves in this migration.

With random small questions ringing in background.

My tongue again replied “I made sehri. I fried eggs and kababs.”

“I am not asking you about sehri,” a new question finally!

“What’s wrong with you?”

I was slowly coming to life.

“What time is it?”, I asked like one of those people who wake up after an accident and try to make sense of the new world through short term memory loss.

“It 6. 45 pm! What has happened to you?” 

I didn’t have an answer obviously. I have been up all night for at least a month now.

I quietly declared myself as officially an owl!

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13 thoughts on “Officially an Owl!

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  1. I’ve always been nocturnal by nature, but parenting the spawn has forced me to go diurnal and become a daywalker.
    Daywalking is overrated. Owls rock! 😉


  2. Why do I invite “stuff into my life?”


    I like to live intensely

    I like drama

    I want to prove to myself my invincibility

    I trust the Universe to have my back

    I have unlimited faith

    I want to deepen my compassion

    May 3, 2020

    (was meant for cyberbully post I can’t locate now)

    Liked by 2 people

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