Thoughts on The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

The silent patient has raving reviews all over the cover and internet and everywhere. So it instinctively fell in the next to-read book. I could order limited books here from a local store some days back and it’s one of them. I’m on the last one now, need to ask these people if they can send more.


Good thing, actually the best thing; the book is an actual page turner and style is as fluid as river. I read the whole 336 pages in 24 hours, something I haven’t done in years.

I thought I can’t read fast anymore but this book proved me wrong.

But on the other hand some stories contain detail in every line that you don’t want to miss. Or some books are just heavy reads. They challenge you and drain you. This is something I learned recently. The trial by Kafka took me whole year to digest. So the speed of your reading varies for every book.

It’s a thriller, more of a psychological thriller.

But thank God it’s not like one of mainstream modern day thrillers/psychological thrillers, that are hell-bent to prove all the women of the world are losing their minds, after suffering decades of abuse and going on killing spree… well if they are, who is responsible then??

Anyway, this story, on the parallel track, has a man going crazy too!! Yay! Sorry for insensitive gesture but CMON!!

It’s like reading same story with changed names or probably little detail. I can read one book and I can safely tell you story of a 10,000 more. It’s becoming an exhausted genre with nothing new to offer to a point where I gave up on my own psychological thriller.

This book is different!

It’s like you are watching a snake slithering in a maze, but then it suddenly turns and bites its own tail. Lol. You have to read to know what I’m talking about.

I would have never imagined the twist in the end, so 10/10 for that.

I won’t go on to judge the book. If you want to read a thriller, it won’t disappoint. Far better than gone girl and millennium series (girl who/with/is..) But if you don’t read it, you are not missing out on a literary gem, to be honest.

I’m sure I will forget half of the story by tomorrow.


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