Final call! (Mailing List)

Attention people of wordpress.

This is final call to submit your email addressed (if you want to) for the mailing list of my debut book.

This time it’s public one. Since I have tried plenty of times to send comment and it still skips the comment section and just jumps right into spam comments.

So I am requesting here as I have to wrap this phase up.

Here is the message:


I’m working on my debut poetry book and preparing a mailing list. Would you like me to add your e-mail address please? If so, can you share it with me?

I don’t plan to do hard-core promotion, I will be e-mailing you privately not through any software.

I will just inform you when it’s available and when there is some huge fluctuation in price (sale etc.), as on WordPress reader, posts get lost in stampede.

I won’t be mailing you more than 4 to 5 times a year, and that’s max. Promise!

And if you want it to share it privately you can do that through contact form on my blog.

Thank you 🙂

If you haven’t gotten this comment in any form and you want to be updated through email, please feel free to leave your email address below or through contact form.

I’m tired but I’m happy.

This might look like I’m being too hard on myself but trust me, knowing that I am giving my first baby my every ounce of energy is truly satisfying. 🙂

That’s all for now. Take care.


Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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Here’s the link to my debut poetry collection => Swinging Sanity

Here’s the link to my post about the book – All About Swinging Sanity


125 thoughts on “Final call! (Mailing List)

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      1. High School, first 21 years acting, tv productions, and English. This year I made a huge change, left that school and went to our career and tech to teach Digital design and print.

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      2. Wowww. What are you doing on wordpress? I came here dazed and lost. Well, you sound like you knew what you want all along, which is great. 🙂
        “You’re and your” sounds like a subtle karma for you if you have cringed on it for 21 years

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      3. That’s hilarious. I come here to escape. To vent, release, explore. To find my voice, be myself. Contrary to popular belief, most teachers (and actors/performers) are quite introverted. It is safe here. Most importantly, there is no pressure here. I don’t know anyone and vice versa. I am not obligated to like and neither are you. It is a healthy environment for me. And I think that makes us feel more appreciated.

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      4. Somewhere maybe we all came here to escape. I believe you on that, performers are wearing a temporary mask, but so is everyone. World is a ruthless place especially unfortunately if you are sensitive by their definition. To me it’s just being human.
        This is a safe place. And we are only judged on how we are pouring our hearts out. Being anonymous is a blessing.
        I have never been this comfortable and felt this appriciated.

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      5. especially when writing your instead of you’re. 😂 It is funny though the perception that I run into after a performance, or when I talk to people who saw me in a show, of how I must be able to control a room of be that social butterfly, when in fact, that is farthest from the truth.


      6. Honestly I’m not surprised. I have heard this alot. People who look super social and chirpy can be numb inside, completely mute. My case is so wierd if you talk to 5 people you will get 5 completely opposite impressions about me. I literally swing between funniest person in a room and the most aloof person in a room. So I am tuning myself into ignoring their judgement, or I will end up confusing myself.

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      7. ironic. There are so many common themes with bloggers. I can almost tell right away from a post what demons they are/ have been fighting. On a side note, I also managed to get my counseling degree a few years ago. In case I needed a fallback, who knew. But I did find out that I had a knack for it. Every class was easy, not because of the material but because it made sense to me and it just fit.

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      8. That sounds so much like me. I have done baking too, now beat that!!! 😂
        I tell me friends “don’t worry I know I will survive”. Chances are high I might survive hell too. Lol.
        Posts here are so relatable. I think we all have this ability to feel everything strongly. We can read between the spaces and lines. I don’t personally like being this way, I end up overwhelming myself with the pain I am not even suffering from.

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      9. Seriously? I am cooking Donner and whipping up a batch up Blondie Cookies from scratch. I think all do what it takes to survive. If we didn’t we would have given up years ago. I hear those words in between the lines, and I will offer support and send positive vibes, I will even follow someone’s plight and if I can inject some humor or a different view, and it is welcomed, I will. I do care a lot, but I also have become very good at separating myself from becoming so self-absorbed in it. It might be the actor in me! 😬 Who knows.

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      10. Ok found it. It was for actors, how they become something else and always come back to their own self. It goes like this ” whether you want or not. But the place you return to is always slightly different from the place you left. That’s the rule. It can never be the exactly the same”
        This got stuck in my head. In the worst situations I force my mind to drift away somewhere else, but even then when I bring it back it is slightly polluted. You carry some trace of every experience, even imaginary.

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      11. If they ever have found themselves. Sometimes I question my own self 🥴it’s totally true though. It’s why a lot of us do it. It changes us. Half of what I taught was self discovery. Long before I’d get into the depths of character. I wouldn’t call it a rule, but more of a phenomenon. The problem lies when that is the sole reason and they are unable to completely leave that character and assume some of their traits. But as with anything change is destined to occur. Especially if you are made aware of a trait you didn’t realize you had that only came out through the art.

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      12. That hits home. I got into writing and arts when I couldn’t go anywhere at all. I had nothing to build something on and tons of forces against me. But I kept working. I actually did do some things that will help me in future but I did everything in secrecy. Or I wouldnt be able to do anything at all.
        Don’t think that way. At least you have a chance in hand who knows it will turn out to be better than your previous job. Stay strong nothings gonna be easy.
        I know. These people are amazing. I can’t thank God enough for the support I got here 🙂

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      13. It is ironic how the arts have nourished, deprived, hurt, healed and saved me. I have a very bitter taste in my mouth, and perhaps one day I will find that passion again, but until I will stay safe here.
        And, I mean it and I am not blowing smoke when I say that I am honored to be one of those who gets info on how and when your book is available!

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      14. Yea. Take a break and stay safe untill you are sure the dust has settled. Art stays within you. It never goes anywhere. I picked up a charcoal pencil after 14 15 years (I stayed basic arts till 8th grade) and after that I practiced now! So it doesnt go anywhere.
        It’s an honor to me that people are looking forward to my book. It’s an amazing feeling, a bit intimidating too. But overall great

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    1. I got that and added already. Thank you so much. The thing I know it’s annoying I keep reposting it but it’s kinda working as every time 1 2 people do drop their email address.
      As the number increases expectations too. Really having mixed feeling about this.

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