People can go to astounding lengths to save their ass. And it’s funny they still fail to do so in the end they have smeared so much bullshit to the whole picture it’s impossible to even begin to clean it.

The ex employee fucked this whole situation bad and it was she who had to quit. That’s karma baby.

But it’s so messed up.

You can’t do anything.

And now I don’t want to. Let’s just move on.

I will update my CV and start looking for job again because I don’t think anyone can fix the damage.

Moving on.

I wanted to talk about timing ourselves. It’s hard to live in the moment when you have a lot going on with you. But honestly it’s an effective remedy.

I gave myself 1 month to be here and I have learned so much even before that, because I was going task by task.

Since I’m managing whole office work keeps dropping in my lap and then I go 1 task at a time prioritizing with most important and urgent.

A quick tip, if your boss asks you something suddenly, leave everything else and do that first no matter how unimportant it is, and after completion go back to the old one asap. It sounds like something you would do but it’s one mistake old employee made.

All’s well. If I think I have nothing to lose right now.

If I compare myself from what I was yesterday, I see progress some way or other.

Life’s complication. But you have you!

Sounds cliché but honestly we are survivors. We just keep getting into situations and survive.

Once you memorize it you can go to next step of taking something out of that situation because in your heart you know we will survive any way.

Focus on small goals when life gets overwhelming.

Everyday I go through a rollercoaster of emotions.

Everyday I question I didn’t need to do this but I chose this path, is it even worth it?

But now I don’t answer. I will just say “we will see, am I losing anything? NO!”

Then it is worth it.

We all survive, question is what did we learn from it.


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    1. that’s write. just that moving on starts guilting me. most of the times i have stayed longer in toxic situations just to stroke my own conscience. i still do a thorough analysis (which isn’t required at all) of the situation before deciding and i need to change that. when did people think before moving on with their lives and leaving me behind?

      thanks ❤️

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      1. I learned that some people are just plain mean. I have a sensitive heart and have also wondered how certain people in my life could have just walked away from me without having considered how they hurt me. It hurts to realize that some people just don’t care if they hurt another person. That’s when we have to decide to take care of our own hearts. Some people don’t deserve our love. Selena Gomez’s song “Lose You To Love Me” sums up how I feel about those who have hurt me in the past. Some people play head games; I decided not to play along years ago and I feel so much happier. Take care of your own heart, you’re worth it.

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      2. i try to work on it. but i think i’m still very weak. i need a lot of time and courage to be able to stand up and walk away from a toxic environment. i start procrastinating and that’s where i lose the track of time and my own system starts to align with that environment. ever heard of that toad in boiling water example.. i think it keeps happening to me. i really need to work on myself here.


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