Action plan.

i need to do something or i will keep spiralling and we know where it goes.

i cant let anxiety inferno engulf me.

so no we wont talk about it.

i am doing it already.

i dont know if it can work with you all. anxiety and stress directly hits my shoulders and back. i feel things are crawling on my shoulders or some times it starts hurting. it feels hot and sometimes i even feel swelling. Doctors have given me muscle relaxant and pain killer and a muscle relaxant gel in case it hurts too much.

well one thing i do is massage lavender oil on my shoulders and it help. i picked a random lavender oil from bath n body works it from some stress relief range.

so i massaged that. and then i had to order groceries so i started doing it.

then a close friend i have lost touch with called me, so that was a blessing.

so yea. im keeping myself as busy as i can

because the problem isnt that big.

boss isnt a horrible boss, i have dealt with worse but its just fear and anxiety and overthinking.

so trying to break the spiral.

thanks all my friend who come here to help me…really really help me.

you guys have no idea how badly i need your support. and thanks for being there for me.

i need to shift focus and prioritize because thinking about work all the time is going to trigger me and nothing else.

thanks guys.


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      1. I’m glad to hear it! Good news indeed. Having trouble sleeping myself, I know what it means to actually have a decent night! YOu feel like a million dollars (not all green and crumpled) haha old joke


  1. There is a stand up comedy station on You Tube called the Dry Bar Comedy. It is clean comedy, no vulgarity. The comedians are very funny. I like to watch it because the humor is also smart humor. You might enjoy watching it. Laughter can be the best medicine to relieve stress. I feel better after I watch a few hours of this station.


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