My 3rd Blogoversary!

Hey Everyone!

I got overwhelmed when I saw this notification?

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 5.10.14 PM.png

I saw it yesterday.

And I got so anxious I forgot to share it with you all.

Because my mind was running in rewind like an old movie slowing down at some crucial events of my life, that too in sepia.

Reminds me of an old tragic movie…no NO we are not doing that today!


I have talked about several times about how this baby was born, trust me it was an excruciating and gruesome delivery.

But it gave me a window.

The timeline goes like, from august to December I was journaling, from December to April I was just writing, and from April real fun began when I found fellow bloggers and everything changed after that.

I found most compassionate, understanding and supportive people here. The kind I didn’t know even existed.

This place restored my hope in humanity.

This place pulled out my inner artists, I had no idea what I’m doing, your appreciation directed me.

You guys held my hand and lead me to my own journey of self discovery.

I became a writer, an artist.

I published a book, and it became No. 1 new release on amazon, something never even dreamt of, EVER!

Here, I learned power of kindness, power of words.

You validated my thoughts and feelings and told me it’s ok to be vulnerable and in process I learned how to balance it and mould it into something.

I learned a balance between volatility and patience.

I survived the toughest (hopefully) phase of my life with the support of you all and few real life friends.

You all made me a better person, and my life far more bearable.

I’m extremely grateful for your support and appreciation. You guys have made a different in my life and me.

Thank you for everything! ❤️


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