Gym chronicles..#13

Can you guys believe it??

Me niether!

I don’t even remember when I stepped inside a gym last time.. it was more than a year ago.

This time it was new building, new gym, new machines..a whole new world.

Actually, yesterday I talked to zazu (my friend and one of my closest human) and hear this.. he lost 12 fucking kgs!!! Like 12 kilograms!! In 7 to 8 months. I went all jealous!

I was ecstatic and proud of him and then I was looked down at my sagging belly and actually freaking sagging body and I knew it’s time to hit the gym…as I can’t do anything about died..anything at all.

Like visions of healthy diet gives me shudders. *writing it having chocolate ganache with spoon at 2 am*

But this one is heavenly. Dark chocolate+caramel+sea salt = OMG!

So, I dressed up.

Now this gym is co. No gender segregation so I was a bit more careful. The place was amazing, and empty! Yayyy my inner intervert was overjoyed.

So I started as I started the last time. Very slow. Very very slow. Just treadmill and elliptical. Little bit of stationary bike but it felt a bit dis-balanced so I got off from it sooner.

Now here is the thing… potato is an irregular shape. It wasn’t machines that weren’t balanced, it was me.

Well. I did roam around the place for a while. I can’t find rowing machine..I don’t know technical gym terminology for it but get it.

Rowing helped my alot with muscle spasm. Will have to look for an alternative.

And guys! I want start lifting weights and I can’t afford an instructor and most of my friends have never been to a gym and I don’t know where to begin, so please feel free to leave suggestions in comments below.

Overall it was great day.

I really hope one day I start eating healthy too.. but this ganache umm..

Well. Have a nice day guys ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Last time I joined a gym was in the 90’s and it was $26 a month…for me to panic and get self conscious and default. All I really wanted was to use the pool but their ‘public schedule’ was so limited and yet still crowded, I couldn’t work my way beyond the anxiety.
    I say they find a way to make lettuce taste like french fries, celery taste like burgers, and kale taste like chocolate and none of us would really have to worry about exercising to lose weight or get fit. Our caloric intake would be minimal. No one eats chocolate or fries cos “I wanna be unhealthy and clog my arteries and be overweight and have health issues and look less appealing.”
    We eat these things cos they TASTE GOOD. Make the low cal healthy stuff taste good and I am all in.
    Now building muscle tone and such, sure, go to a gym, work out, et al. But the biggest problem is the low cal healthy stuff just tastes…BAD. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. The powers that be are over this ‘obesity epidemic’ and people eating junk food…Stop buying gold plated toilet seats and paying politicians so much they can afford a yacht…and put the money into researching how to make healthy bland foods taste better without adding calories and fat!!!! It’s like it escapes their intelligence that all any of us really want is for food to taste good. None of us want it to be fattening or artery clogging. So…research how to change that, ptb ๐Ÿ˜›
        I made a third batch of coconut clusters last night and we devoured them all in 2 hours. I don’t even much like sweets and I am not a good baker but…these turned out really well and um…I needed the happy brain chemicals chocolate stimulates? Yeah, I am gonna go with that.
        I def did NOT want to gain a pound but it tastes sooooooooo damn good.


  2. My advice would be to start with very small weights, less reps and gradually increase the reps. Donโ€™t go for heavier weights till you are comfortable with small weights. Slowly and gradually build up the stamina.


    1. wish i saw this comment before. i did 15 reps of total 6 kg weights (sounds light but it wasn’t) and then plank! for the first time..barely 6 to 10 seconds…and you wouldnt believe i had to wear bet, use hot compresses and pain killer.. my jiggly belly was cursing me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  3. If you really are not a gym rat, you could always purchase some free weights and Google different exercises. You can even lift weights while watching television and it won’t feel like exercise.


  4. Oh yea!!! The first step is making it to the gym. I look at my stationary bike and sigh. I know I should exercise to relieve the knee muscles, but I just stare and stare at it. lol. And eat chocolate because it’s too stressful. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keep going!!


  5. Yay! That’s awesome! The bike is really good! I loved it when I went to the gym and am actually considering buying one! I do own a treadmill also! Weights are tough but start out small, about 10 pounds or less, 5 kg. that’s where I started. I always found lifting weights really tough though so didn’t stick with it. good luck girl! X

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