Interviews interviews interviews..

I don’t know whats worse, nobody calling you for an interview (that’s perfect recipe for full blown anxiety attack)

Everyone calling you for interview at once (that’s recipe for amnesia)

I’m extremely sorry if I forget to answer comments or I’m not really keeping up much, because I had 3 interviews in 2 days…what was I thinking I have no idea when I scheduled those.

Because all of them felt more like murder interrogation, only in a softer tone.

And only where you are constantly justifying you are totally capable of doing the crime.

2nd one was actually funny as it has an unbelievable demand.

Hear this, the guy said how can I bring 10,000 likes to post with investing a penny, when his social media accounts are not popular at all.

Now I have a problem. I disagree with unethical marketing practices. I have been open about them. Work ethics mean something to me.

I told this funny guy a few tricks to bring organic likes but for 10,000 you will be needed be high..(i didn’t say this part)


By third interview I had to rummage through my brain to even remember my name. I couldn’t think straight. But yea I came out alive on my own two legs.

And other funny incident. The first interviewer send me around 70 to 80 pages book to edit as a sample!

Are you kidding?

This can’t be real.

I am going to handle this one after I submit a marketing plan to another one.

So, this is my life right now.

It’s good at least I’m getting interview calls but demands do get mind boggling at times.

I’m trying my best to just go with the flow.

Pray I get a good job soon.


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