Hopping subjects..again

I spent 5 minutes looking (and hearing) at a panda chewing on a bamboo. This is my kind of asmr.

Here’s the link (hope it opens).

Isn’t it relaxing?


Relaxing reminds me.. last night I was relaxing on my couch at 3.30 am or so.. trying very hard to do an editing assignment. Point to be noted my posts here are informal and raw, they don’t represent my editing skills at all..

Well. So I was buried in couch when I suddenly smelled something.. warm..butter… sugar.. vanilla.. OMG someone is baking!!

Now this is karma hitting my nose with a hammer.

I am the one who bakes late night..now I can imagine what my nieghbours go through.

So today I hit karma with vengeance and baked blueberry muffins. Make them with buttermilk and oats so they are healthy and light and awesome!

For some wierd reason my friend thought that shredded carrot..

Weird, I told you.

Weird brings us to the healthy reminder that my dad still finds my dress sense wierd and funny.

I sent him a full selfie of mine and I thought I was looking good.

And he commented that your hair, dupatta/stole, shoes, shirt and pants are all different colour. It’s a nice selfie but you are looking like gola ganda from bahardurabad (a place famous for street food in Karachi, Pakistan).

And ladies and gentlemen, this is gola ganda..

I know..

I swear I wasn’t looking this colorful.

And today I wasn’t further selected in a job application process because their boss had already hired someone and I joined in a bit later.

And this HR lady said the sweetest thing…

I mean..isn’t it amazing. There’s are nice people in the world outside wordpress too.

Why can’t people end things on a happy respectful note. I love her gesture.

And when I went to find screenshot of this conversation I found an old gem. Took this picture somewhere in April 2019.

And now I’m tired. Lol.

Take care 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Hopping subjects..again

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  1. I know you are younger than me so my mentality may be a little ‘old school’…but don’t you find it odd how grateful we are these days for positive reinforcement? To the point that any kindness or encouragement prompts us to get a tiny bit giddy and point out, “Nice people exist!”
    I can’t speak for those younger than me but to go all ‘get off my lawn’ and mention back in my day…Basic manners and courtesy were the norm, it was the rude people we pointed out, not the ones who were nice because that was just…common and the accepted norm.
    Seems like humans are devolving to me.

    I’m not much on sweets but now you got me thinking about blueberry muffins, warm and slathered in butter…and I don’t have the stuff to make them 😦 LOL.

    I’d rather be your neighbor and smell bakd goods at night than trash or leaves burning.

    And hey, maybe the job thing didn’t happen but you were complimented and encouraged, so..wave the pompoms and cheer, it’s awesome 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally get your point and agree. I tell this to my friends that now even normal decency surprises me.
      You are right. Things are very distorted now. Or maybe they are straightening up.

      Somewhere I notice people are more aware of thier rights but yes we are naturally losing manners and humility somewhere.

      But some times I see things improving too.

      We are complicated creatures. But kindness is rare. That’s one thing I’m sure of.

      I have a sweet tooth and the moment first winter breeze blows I start tiring my oven. Baking is my therapy.

      I wish u were my neighbor we could have these with tea/coffee. 🙂

      Oh yes. I didn’t even feel bad and this is first time a could be employer appriciated me on my blog. And you guys know what my blog means to me..🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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