Joker & Mental Health

This post is not just about joker.

It’s a tapestry of different subject and experiences revolving around the subject of mental health, in a very pulp fiction way. And it’s important!

I was suggested not to watch joker as it’s dark and depressing and might trigger me…well… sounds like my kinda movie already.

My thoughts yesterday in the theater, waiting for movie to start..

I can already hear an eeriness…a very dark tragically beautiful eeriness.

And this dark yet soulful music..

In love with this movie already..I don’t even know why.

I have never felt this emotional attachment with a movie before even watching it.

And why is it taking so long..

My thoughts after the movie

nothing..nothing at all..

I am not numb, I’m not triggered I’m not anxious or depressed.

I feel validated.

I feel someone spoke what I have been shouting about, on a huge screen, in a very soft and yet firm voice.

Btw Joaquin Phoenix killed it!! If he doesn’t get an Oscar we will chip in and send him one!

Back to the movie.

I’m not going to give spoilers at all and I’m not sure if I should be recommending it or not.

I asked myself, do I want to show this to dad? There is a lot in it that he can directly relate to. There are some of his exact lines about his thoughts, medication and therapy. In a way, maybe he will feel validated and comforted that he is not alone.

But on the other hand what if it actually triggers him??

So there is a huge question mark levitating over my own head.

Is this movie going to make us feel better or worse?

Let’s try to figure out trying not to give away the story.

What do we feel when we see someone else is the same pain as us?

What do we feel when we see someone suffer in silence ?

What do we feel when we see someone finally breaking and reacting?

I just told a friend reaction makes us human. It’s normal to react.

You are going to feel all those emotions and nod.

I didn’t cry during this movie. I just felt comforted, I’m not wrong in my own emotions!

There is a scene that could directly relate to me. I have written several times about wanting to shut myself in a box. In that scene he shuts himself in a fridge.

At that point I said in my heart “i exactly know that feeling”


Then today I was chatting with a very dear blog friend of mine, and he told me it was coincidentally mental health day yesterday. He actually encouraged me to write this post.

For me everyday is a mental health awareness day.

Every day! Because everyday, I see how blind and ignorant the world around me is about mental illnesses, even thought it’s staring all of us in our eyes!

What does it take to be a little more human? A little more kinder?

I was talking to a kid on instagram she projects her dark thought in form of sketches and I love her art and expression.

I ended up saying “we all crave human touch”

Obviously we do!

It’s normal!

Doesn’t make us attention seeker or desperate for fuck’s sake!

I am growing tired of this world judging us for our very human nature and trying to turn us into machines.

Can’t you see motherfuckers you are turning us into monsters?

Before I totally lose my mind.

Joker is one heck of a movie! I think you should watch it, but if you suffer from serious mental illness, consult your doctor or therapist first. It might sound funny but it’s not. I’m serious.

This movie is perfection in every way. Amazing acting, direction, script, music, dance, EVERYTHING! This is perfect!

I’m going to watch it again very soon.

Sometimes you need to see and hear truth from someone else, even if you know it already.

The music is out of this world, I’m listening to it as I am writing this.

Time to go guys.

I really needed to speak on it.

Please take care of yourselves and people around you and know that I really care about you all.

You might calm down a monster with a little compassion. And you might turn a really nice person into one, just by your mean and selfish demeanor.

Be a little more human please.

That’s all folks!


Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental HealthAwareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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38 thoughts on “Joker & Mental Health

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  1. I saw a meme with a quote from the movie i wanted to save and i guess didn’t now i can’t find it. I feel a force pulling me to watch the movie if only i had the money.

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  2. This is a really good review without giving away spoilers. I’ve seen the movie and at the end…. I didn’t know how to feel. I struggle with depression, and some years it’s really, really bad. There’s a part in the movie where he writes in his notebook (spoilers, kind of?)
    “The worst thing about being mentally ill is people expect you to behave like you’re not.”
    This is so, so true, and the film shows this complete lack of compassion people have towards not only the mentally ill but people who are struggling or just different in general. For those who are different and have felt this painful isolation before, Joker really validates the rejection and shame. And it highlights what can happen to a society when people have such blatant disregard for one another.

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    1. couldnt agree more. if u go through his scribblings in dairy they all are so relatable. well this whole movie is very accurate presenation of mental illness. i agree with every frame of this movie.
      and i dont understand what people want. they always have some objection, some complains. one can never please people.


  3. Very well written. I don’t know your history, so don’t know what your triggers would be. I have avoided it so far because I feared it would be violently graphic at some point. Not something I want to see. I may have based that more on past portrayals.

    Finally, a cautionary note I may have no right to give. When the movie Apocalypse Now was new, I had a friend who was a Vietnam Veteran who wanted me to see it, because he said it was the closest he’d seen to portraying what his experience had been.. When we came out, he was troubled, deeply troubled. He said he thought he was ready to see it again and he wasn’t.

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    1. you know yourself better. thats what i always say. we are best judge of our mental n emotional state.

      i understand your point. sometimes some movies throw us into flashback and starts to scratch the wound but again no one can guess before watching those movies.

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