Boredom and bad coffee

Bad decisions come in different shapes and sizes.

And so does the frustration they cause.

I’m at airport without a book.


Let that sink in.

Or a magazine that would have something worth reading.

I feel crippled.

But guess what’s even worse??


Airport coffee.. 😭

I am a stubborn psycho who believes that one day this coffee will miraculously taste better.

I take a chance every freaking time!

And then I cuss myself and swear to never screw my tastebuds again…

.untill next time..

Oh they had same rhubarb tart today. It actually stopped me from thrashing coffee cup on the wall..well..actually security did..

I had some work maybe will try to do that.

Or go back to study expressionism. It’s piqued my interest all over again.

That’s all for now.

Hope you all are having a good day.


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