Cleaning makes me rich!

My dad isn’t joking when he says my money lays eggs.

I remember one time when we were in the middle of a financial decision and I was short of some money.

I went to my room and started cleaning.

And returned to dad with a small treasure of coins and bills of all colours and sizes.

Job hunt is a shaky rollercoaster ride.

Can be pretty nerve wracking at some points. So I decided to give myself a break. After applying for a wrong job…I know I had reached my breaking point for the day.


So I started binging on sherlock homes. This time Jeremy Brett one. And started decluttering stuff that I conveniently shoved in e very corner that could hide it from guests.

Don’t we all do that?

I remember pushing heeps of books and notes behind the sofa or under the bed in student life.

So today I took out those random bags.

I can’t start listing the surprises I got it will that volumes.

But I will mentions I found money!

In envelopes, wrapped in receipts, in between memos, and hidden in old wallets.

Oh I found 5 wallets..yay me!

I actually needed to buy one.

So today I am a few pennies richer and freed my home of a bag full of old faded, crumbled, almost blank invoices.

Everytime I get rid of something I don’t need anymore, it feels like a mental cleanse.

And what better than getting random gifts to you, from you?

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11 thoughts on “Cleaning makes me rich!

  1. Good for you! It sounds weird, I know…But, I love to clean and declutter because like you mentioned: “It’s a mental cleansing” I really is!
    I did a decluttering routine back towards the end of Winter, and I’m feeling the need to do it again… Maybe because you’re my inspiration. LOL! I have a tendency to always have money wrapped in receipts too, maybe I’ll become a little richer too. 🤑


  2. It is such a rewarding feeling to find a note or two floating around. Just the other day I found two ten pound notes in an empty street early in the morning, I looked for an owner, but I think someone dropped them without knowing…..

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