Today was insane!!


I had to talk non-stop explaining multiple parties same issue in different relation and my head inflated like a balloon with embossed veins and all and was going to blast any moment!

I got another job rejection. Umm.. that doesn’t feel good.

But okay.. right thing will come at the right time.

Then I was already a loose canon since days so I lost a it in front of dad which we all avoid. He needed to get a grip or we all will fall apart. And surprisingly it worked.

I felt like I won a marathon.

And I saw I got one more review but since I’m such an idiot I totally missed it. Will share tomorrow.

Right now watching green book.

Here’s the thing, Some days I’m Dr. Shirley..some days I’m

Loving it so far.

Have a good day guys!


2 thoughts on “Today was insane!!

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  1. I’m up to 34 job rejections since April. My self esteem is wounded.

    But I’ll follow your lead and believe the right thing will come at the right time.

    Hopefully my self confidence will stay inflated until that time comes.

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    1. everything will be ok. just don’t give up. the struggle won’t be easy but the destiny will be worth it. just keep working on it. I apply 30 40 places in a day at’s exhausting but will be rewarding in the end


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