When to stop believing? Never!!

I dont know who needs to read this.

But here’s the thing.

If you are chronically ill, theres a chance you will get better and healthy. Maybe healthier than your pre-illness version.

If you dont have money, trust me most people are living hand to mouth. And money is not an indicator of successful life. Trust me on this. Success is subjective.

If you don’t have job or the job you want, do not give up. Keep trying. And a pro tip, treat your job profile as a blog. It’s all about visibility and accessibility for employers. If they can find you, you half way there.

If you are sad for no reason, tomorow you can be happy for no reason. That’s life.

If you think people hate you, don’t even try to change their opinion. It’s exhausting and futile.

If you are alone, some people have to live with really shitty people. You still have more peace.

And if you are stuck with shitty people, this one if tough and need perseverance. Build yourself!! I mean BUILD YOURSELF STRONG. And you need tons of confidence in your own self. Toxic people do amazing job at making you believe that you are worthless. And build yourself in silence.

If you think nobody cares about you. Trust me there are at least 2 3 people on the planet you genuinely care about you sometimes we fail to acknowledge.

Even in the hardest time remind yourself even if you have 5 minutes to live, they still can be best 5 minutes of your life.

And no matter what people think about you, keep your own conscience clear. If you are right good thing will happen to you eventually.

I was getting worried about a friend and these thought came into my mind. Most of these are my own personal experiences. So I know times change.

I just felt like sharing.

Love you guys!


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