Being an artist is such a curse!

I mean every word of what I said the title.

Creativity comes in short strong burst. It’s like microsecond lightening that can burn a whole town.

There was a phase I was writing 2 3 poems a day.

Now I write few random words or 2 3 lines and then these incomplete poems hibernate in my notes.

Same goes with art. But it’s more rare.

If I HAVE to write a poem, I know I will.

Art is far more stubborn than that.

And unpredictable too.

In my whole study/experimenting of last year I was glued to expressionism.

I read about other movements too but expressionism was speaking to me.

I haven’t painted in months.

Yesterday something really weird happened.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, without any warning, the image of the Gustav klimt’s painting “the kiss” started blinking in my head.

klimt-der-kuss-1908 (1)

It was like a really random unrelated dream that I saw when I was wide awake busy with my regular life.

I never felt connection with art nouveau.

I don’t like overwhelming gold in the painting. But still it placed itself in the backdrop of my mind literally.

Then I went on the read a little and watched a few videos about the movement, artist and works and personally I liked ‘lady with a fan” and “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I” better.




And now I have this irritation in my hand.

I don’t know what I’m going to do to overcome this urge to do something I don’t know about.

I have a rough idea of what I might do but i need bit of a research and I am having busiest phase of my life.

See, that’s how cruelly impulsive art is!

It comes to you when you don’t have time and it doesn’t leave you until it’s satisfied.

You are nothing but a puppet in its hands.


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  1. My creativity seems to ebb and flow with my bipolar disorder, which is so frustrating!! Specifically, I find myself to be much more successful in writing, creating art, etc. when I’m not in a good place mentally. Now that I’m stable, what do I write?? Very relatable post, thanks for sharing!

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