Can you ever forgive me? – Movie

Attention writers! You all neeeeeeeeeeed to watch this movie!

By need I mean NEEEEEED!

Last night I watched “can you ever forgive me?” and it’s essence was living in my bones throughout.

Top reason is acting by Mellisa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant.

It’s hard to choose who was better.

I love Melissa McCarthy and she did complete justice with the character.

There is a scene where she hasn’t said a word but her facial expressions portray the layers of her deepest emotion in that moment without exaggerating them. I can’t unsee that. It’s going to stay with me.

The movie is based on true story of Lee Israel, a best-selling celebrity biographer who turns to forgery of literary letters to survive.

In the beginning it addresses a dilemma we all face. These days success isn’t completely dependent on good writing. It depends on name and fame and sensationalizing of the content.

I don’t know what else to say. It’s not something to discuss it’s something to watch and experience, for the story, script, acting, everything.

I don’t know if you are going to love this movie. It hasn’t made it’s way into my all-time-favourites movie list. But as writers it’s certainly relatable as it unveils facts of the writing business and human nature.

And you might end up sympathizing with a criminal, something most of movies like that do.

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