My brain is a bully!

Heart: I want a harmonica.

Brain: Why

Heart: I was to be a great harmonica player

Brain: You said that when you bought your guitar too and we both know what happened..

Heart: Because guitar is hard

Brain: And harmonica is soft?

Heart: No it’s easy

Brain: Who told you that?

Heart: Remember cousin F had it

Brain: So?

Heart: He isn’t very smart

Brain: What’s smartness got to do with playing harmonica ?

Heart: I don’t know I really want it

Brain: You bought guitar on a whim and can’t play shit on it!!

Heart: That’s not true I played happy birthday

Brain: When?

Heart: Last year

Brain: Where did you get this idea from

Heart: I dont know I just have this feeling. It’s my real musical calling. I could always whistle without much effort

Heart: It doesn’t involve an instrument.

Brain: Why is instrument that important

Heart: So that I leave my DNA on it.. why the f*** you are so boring!

Brain: Why are you so impulsive? You will waste time and money both and in the end feel like a loser.

Heart: But it looks and sounds so good on YouTube.

Brain: Oh ok! I got it. So just watch all of harmonica videos on YouTube. Take your time. Like take a year watching those and you will be drooling over another instrument next year. For now just stfu and GO TO SLEEP!!

My brain is a bully!

I don’t know why I Google monkey in a beret

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