Fried Green Tomatoes – Real ones

When I obsess over something I go all the way.

I like to call it dedication.

Few days back I watched and reviewed movie Fried Green Tomatoes, here.

And I got curious.

As I don’t remember even seeing green tomatoes before which is weird as later on everybody told me they are pretty common and easily available.

Maybe I saw them but didn’t know they were tomatoes.

I can do that.

So I went on a manhunt for tomatoes and found it in the first store I stepped it, it was kinda embarrassing as I’m into exotic vegetables and fruits and yet ignored these innocent common tomatoes.

Here is their picture



Then I randomly chose one of the first few recipes I found on the internet.

And proceeded to make a huge mess in the kitchen (as usual)

But the result was pretty!




When I tasted them raw they were almost just like regular red tomatoes.

But the cooked form was delicious.

And I’m not exaggerating.

The flavor of coating was so good and the moment you get to the warm softened tomato inside you feel its favor multiplied by a thousand at least.

I can’t even explain.

It screamed comfort food.

I am slowly embracing the new phase and trying something I have never cooked and had never eaten before, made me feel better.

Do something new.

Do something for yourself.

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11 thoughts on “Fried Green Tomatoes – Real ones

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  1. Oooo wait til you really southern it up! Bacon lettuce fried green tomato sandwich es! If you’re vegan I appologize if mildly carnivore then we can alter oopsies in this or if you say we’re unable to eat lettuce skip that… Next The menu listing under sandwiches bl fried green t. Or I know this means I’m an bleeeeep as oil splatters so does real and fake Bacon’s! Poor kitchen! Enjoy.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yay meat. The link is ruthanns diner Columbus ga bacon lettuce fried green t sandwich . Just a linked proof it’s a menu item not imaginary. I am the no pork but which ruins bacon enjoyment. Lol but such is so I live not religiously but pork is difficult for me to clear with poor kidney function…. You don’t HAVE to turkey bacon… I mean t b is calorically appropriate versus pork but it’s not the same. For it’s own sake and preferences here! Godshall’s brand turkey bacon. Just a hint. It kicks the crap out of the others in yummy


  2. “When I obsess over something I go all the way.”
    I can relate, girl. I can relate a hundred and ten percent but I can never tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing lol.
    Anyways, I’m not a huge fan of tomatoes but this was fun to read!

    Liked by 1 person

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