Ze..oh..Hero complex reloaded!

Me: Sam, I have hero complex (trying to sound very serious)

Sam: Zero complex??

Me: What??

Sam: Ahaha whaaaaaattt?? (the squeal she lets out whenever she says ‘what’)

Me: Hero Complex. HERO as in superman!

Sam: Henry Cavill??? Oh boy.. what happened?? (with a sudden concern in her voice)

Me: Nothing to do with Henry Cavill. It’s a COMPLEX!!! HERO COMPLEX!!

Sam: No. Its zero complex!

Me: Whattt!!! (slamming all my energy on ‘T’ like whenever I say ‘what’)

Sam: Yea. What we have is ZEEEEERO complex.

Me: No!

Sam: Yes!

Me: C’mon I haven’t even started explaining..

Sam: But you are wrong!

Me: You don’t even know.. (stressing on the seriousness of situation)

Sam: I do!! Definitely do know! (not effected a damn bit)

Me: What do you know?? (giving her a chance just in case…)

Sam: We have zero complex. There is a big round zero on your faces, our pockets, our careers aaaaaaaaaaaand our lives! (with the matter of fact)

Me: I don’t believe this (whispered to myself)

Sam: Yeah we have zero complex and our sense of humor lacks vitamin-D complex..

Me: Ahan..go on… (cursing myself inside for even starting this conversation)

Sam: See. Our humor is vitamin d deficient. It needs nourishment and a little Pampering. It’s sad and pathetic. It can’t stand on its own feet. And when it tries, the miserable piece of shit collapses within seconds.

Me: We had to talk about hero complex. It’s important. It’s holds the key.

Sam: Forget problems. Forget hero. Henry Cavill excluded, obviously. It’s our sense of humor that urgently needs attention!

Me: Un-fucking-believable. What have I done to deserve this loony gang? (giving up all the hopes on my attempts to explain her the concept)

Sam: No. I am serious. How about, for starters we watch those hidden-camera videos of people tripping over, which we always found cruel, insulting and plain wrong?

Me: How about, for starters, we dress you like a clown and make your stand outside a mall with balloons ??? WHAT.IS.WRONG.WITH.YOU??

Sam: Nothing. I guess I have reached that state of exhaustion.


Me: Oh. Then go to sleep. We will resume with hero complex tomorrow.

Sam: IT’s zeeeerrrrrroooo com….

Me: Go to sleep. Bye!

Sam: Bye. Take care.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


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