The Devil Wears Prada – Movie

The Devil Wears Prada


So I bought this book some 5 – 6 years back. I clearly remember as I got it from an airport. Loved the red on the cover.

I don’t remember how many words I have read from this book as I bought an overwhelming number of books after that.


So tonight I thought why don’t I watch the movie.

And I’m confused.

Meryl Streep’s performance is excellent, goes without saying.

But the story..

I don’t know.

Maybe I cannot really relate to stories like that.

Not into fashion and all much.

But it’s not about that. It’s about the truth in the story.

I’m ambitious. But you don’t have to be brutal to get where you want to be.

And you don’t necessarily have to intentionally forego a career to be happy in your personal life. In fact it’s the other way round most the of the times. If you are not happy as an individual you can’t keep someone happy too.

And I don’t think you have make a 180° switch in your personality just to fit in. A 45° would work just as fine.

And you don’t have to force yourself to be somewhere you never wanted to be in the very first place.

If it doesn’t sound right. If it doesn’t feel right.

If it’s making you uncomfortable…honey you are in the wrong place!! I’m sorry.

I think the story went overboard with the concept.

Or maybe they wanted to convey the same thing but it reached me in a distorted way.

I won’t go on to repeat my motivational speech about balance here.

So much felt so wrong about the movie even after the ending. I don’t know what was I supposed to take away from his movie.

No complains about the performances and the overall presentation (which wasn’t extraordinary again)

A fashion centric movie could be far more esthetic I think.

Again, I could be missing something.

But it’s the storyline that I don’t get.

Is it “there are mean people in this world for no apparant reason and yet people choose to be their toilet brush” ?

I don’t know!

Well you can still watch it for Meryl Streep.

Emily blunt wasn’t bad too she was what she was supposed to be.

But Anne Hathaway? Did they choose her for this character because of princess diaries? I felt she was stereotyped here.

This turned out to be more of a rant it’s just my opinion you can watch it and enjoy it and it could be your favourite movie. It’s just what I felt.

That’s all folks.

Hope you are having a good day guys.


18 thoughts on “The Devil Wears Prada – Movie

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  1. The book is better but I think the movie was good considering the time it came out. Obviously it would be aesthetically more pleasing if it was filmed now. I loved Emily Blunt in it and at that time she wasn’t very big, I remember thinking I hope this actress releases more movies because she’s good.

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    1. I could be really missing out something or maybe it’s not really me. Because even for the time I felt there is some glam margin left out.
      Or maybe I had really high expectations.
      Yes. I’m not a huge fan of Emily blunt but here she was doing her part perfectly.


  2. I love the movie. I don’t think it was making a general statement about life, relationships, or career. It was based upon one person in the fashion industry known to be a terrible witch, though she did have a few redeeming moments. And “it is known” that the NY fashion/publishing scene is tough. You have to be super focused or someone else will be and take your spot. There are other places to work of course, but they aren’t New York and some people want to try to make it there. In general, I actually don’t care much for Hathaway because she grates on my nerves with her snobby ways, but they were perfect here. Streep was awesome of course. And the yummy boyfriend, well! Grenier. I’ve watched it probably 10 times. 😀

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    1. Maybe you are right. Because what I didn’t get was why people are dying to work under a terrible witch. But maybe how it is. Maybe. I don’t know.

      Not a Hathaway fan either. Maybe that’s another reason for not liking the movie that much.
      Oh yea 10/10 boyfriend!!

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