Fried Green Tomatoes – Movie

What stories can do to you is absolutely magical.

Last night I watched Fried Green Tomatoes and thank God I had tissues in arm’s length.

I cried my heart out and every time I cried it broadened my smile later.

If you believe in power of stories this is your movie.

If you believe in purity of friendship you are going to fall in love with this movie really hard.

It’s about a bond formed between two women as one of them narrates a story (of friendship between two women|, surprise!) from her past.

As the story unfurls you feel it opening some knots in your soul.

It’s something hard to give words to.

It’s something you can only feel and it’s validating.

Im not going to go into hard facts about the movie as you can find it over the internet. Wikipedia link is linked in the first line.

You know what I love about this movie the most?

It will show that exact point where you are not selfish and not entirely selfless.

Where you can find happiness without losing yourself.

And where you can live for others as well as yourself.

This is going to be one of my all time favorite movies

I might watch it tonight again (which is very unlike me)

I have never had fried green tomatoes but now I really want to!


Image Credits: Google.

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22 thoughts on “Fried Green Tomatoes – Movie

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  1. I haven’t seen that movie in a very long time. I remember that I really liked it. There’s a book, too, by the same name though I’m not sure if it was a novel first, and then movie adaptation. Anyway, what I have had recently is a sandwich make with fried green tomatoes!

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    1. Yes it’s a movie adaptation of a book with slight changes like most of them. It’s a beautiful movie it’s hard not to like it. 🙂

      Wow what a coincidence. I haven’t even heard of fried green tomatoes before this movie and honestly I don’t remember even seeing a green tomato at grocery stores. How is it different from normal tomatoes??

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      1. I never heard of them before the movie, either, and they are a Southern dish lol! The main difference is that the tomatoes are green. It tastes different, too, as though it’s been pickled. Of course that could be part of the seasoning, but they’re good!

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      2. Oh I got it. Maybe they are more tart and tangy because they are raw tomatoes.
        I was looking for the recipes it’s quite simple. Now I have to try it only if can find those green tomatoes here. Or maybe I saw them but didn’t know they were tomatoes lol 😆

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  2. It’s such a fantastic movie but does stray from the book. It’s much more a love affair between them in the book but explores so much more, intricate, from aging to feminism to love and acceptance. This book explores and intertwines many topics. The extra perk to the book is the addition of recipes!

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    1. I read about the relationship going astray when I was researching about the movie that’s my post movie watching ritual.
      But then somewhere else it was mentioned that author left it open for interpretation.
      But the books sounds even more rich in the story so I might actually read it some day. As I really really love the movie. (And for the recipes 😉)


      1. Oh yes! Even as fantastic as the movie was…its sooo much more a better book! Although, the Author, Fanny Flagg, I’d read anything by her! She has written tons of fantastic books.

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