Zombie needs to vent.

Ever seen that zombie that’s been attacked by a gang of hungry zombies and shot randomly by bad shooter who missed the head??

That’s me right now.

It’s post festivities time and I’m literally 95% dead.

And in this deathly state I had to lift the rubble guests left and try to bring home to a home-like state.

Festivals are fun .. when you are 10 year old. When even your clothes are mostly not your responsibilities and your parents take care of your attire by choosing a combination and copy-pasting it in different sizes and colours for you and siblings.

Funny story. I have a childhood pic from Eid. On eids in Pakistan men usually wear kurta-shalwar (please Google it).

And in that pic me and my sister is wearing kurta shalwar. Typical men style. And then my parents blame me for not being lady-like.

How lady-like were you raising be from the beginning?

Well it’s a funny pic my sister’s front are broken and we are in our jeep that’s probably in a state managed museum now. There are thousands of stories revolving around that jeep.

It was a crumbling vintage art piece that never failed to embarrass us.

Well where were we before jeep??

I don’t know. I’m lost.


So today I was cleaning the wreckage site and remembered I had to finish a lecture and quiz related to that. So I was cleaning and listening to the lecture in background. I could literally focus on 1 word in a line and remember probably a vowel from that. I mean this was the most dangerous way of studying.

This is what you do when your aim in life is to fail that exam!

Well I somehow managed to pass the quiz and I laid down thinking ok I have one thing less to worry about and BAM!


Both my kidneys had heart attack at once!

I pick the phone and started calling my free therapist, my friend Sam as tears steams down my face like transparent but painful lava.

Unfortunately she was sleeping. She is a human too I forget sometimes.

Well. I told myself “now get your shit togather you stupid zombie and study!!”

It was the most subtle pep talk I have ever given to myself.

Wait…is this post getting too long..well..zombie needs to vent!

So I studied and passed other quiz too (this time in 2nd attempt)

And then I thought yayyy I will rest and watch a movie but then I felt I cant even comit to a movie. 2 hours is a very long commitment.

I feel like a psychopath saying this.

So. I just came here to talk.

That’s all for now.

Hope you all are well.

If not…noodles fix everything.

There’s some genius fixing broken stuff with noodles and glue.

Not even kidding…

That’s all for now.

Zombie needs to try to sleep.

Take care guys.

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20 thoughts on “Zombie needs to vent.

Add yours

  1. So. They dress their children in old hospital orderly outfits. Sounds entirely too festive for my tastes. Among costume ideas I’ve had, I thought of putting on a full Superman costume with the cape, or Bruce Lee’s track suit from Game of Death, but I’ve always been partial to the “silk pajamas” that they wear around so often. This reminds me of that movie that Bruce wrote/directed and starred in, where he kept eating too much, then immediately having to go to the bathroom. “Where is your toilet?” he would ask. He did that a couple of times, that freaking digestive monster…….


    1. Well his superpower must be his metabolism then.
      And that dress isn’t that bad. It was first suggested Google image for whatbiwnas looking for and I’m lazy today. Actually tired. If I ever voiced my idea of wearing a superhero dress my family would have dropped my at any random street and would never look back.
      I wish I had that kind of metabolism. That’s the superpower I want right now.

      Nice new name btw 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you very much. the name is a variation of my original blog name, just put backwards. But the costume is cool and the collar is perhaps my favorite part. so kudos there. much more dignified than most of what kids here wear. and the school uniforms make them look like little discount store “associates”. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. How do you come up with such ideas. Last i got creative with names was the time when I needed a name for my blog.
        It’s not really costume. It’s a dress. Like national dress for men if that makes sense.
        Nooo kids wear cute clothes everywhere.
        School uniforms are similar everywhere I guess. Some uniform look.


  2. I have to say the videos of the noodle fixing are pretty great. I love the fact they add the seasoning too. The floor is my favourite ha.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Right?! I’m scared it will all fall through or just go soggy after rainfall or dropping liquid onto it. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 😂 new rule! Maybe it’s so he can lay on the floor and just lick it maybe or so he looks crazy when he starts eating the sink.

        Liked by 1 person

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