Am I heroic or brave? A soldier? – May 2019 reblog # 4

This one moved me to tears. You will know when you read the complete post.

Just to live with a mental illness takes insane amount of strength, so what does that makes you??

Blue Sky Days 365

I am probably not alone in spending a significant proportion of my time reading about mental health – blogs, articles, websites, books etc. I feel that it’s an important part of recovery to have an understanding of your illness, I also find it helpful to read other people’s perspectives. Often, I will read something in a blog and it is so true that it could have been written about myself.

I’m sure that some of you will have heard of The Blurt Foundation (click link here) who aim to increase awareness and understanding of depression, to help people help themselves in recovery and to challenge stigma.

Blurt are excellent, to put it simply. 

One of the things Blurt do is to send a weekly email to their subscribers which offers a message of hope and support in what we may be feeling or struggling with. Generally, these emails are spot…

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