Something about David Foster Wallace

I had hagseed in one hand but my eyes were fixated on the light green book laying by the window.

I had that typical wardrobe moment that’s always riddled with confusion first and always almost seared with regret later. Just human things.

But in my case it’s almost everytime with book. The number of books I have are a mountain I front of a small heap of cloths that you could probably stuff in one standard shoot bag.

So this green book was staring at me with puppy eyes while I had this book with a far more artistic book cover. The reason I was staring at it was not the cover, it’s one of the most mediocre cover I have seen. It’s the name of the author that was pulling my eyes out.

I saw the movie the end of the tour and that’s how I got to know about David foster Wallace.

If the representation was close to the real person I was already looking forward to read the book.

Now his famous work infinite jest is a thick book and honestly I didn’t have that kind of time, so I chose oblivion.

The strenght of magnetic field was overpowering and I ended up ditching hagseed, and the tempest too (on YouTube to understand the background).

I ran my finger down the contents and looked for the smallest story to calm my hunger for a few words by the author, to break the spell.

I chose “incarnations of burnt children” it’s just 3 page story and I was hooked.

Hooked to the bones.

I’m not surprised by the fame he earned and I’m not surprised that his life engulfed him.

The words flowed like silk.

It’s one of the most natural yet deep writing style I have read so far.

And what am I doing here..I have no idea.

This post came as a faint spark that I didn’t want to lose.

That’s all folks.

Have a nice day.


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