The Trial by Franz Kafka

After being a constant pain in my neck for good 2 years I finally finished reading this 182 pages long insurmountable torture.

I am talking about “The Trial”.

It’s a masterfully crafted tragedy that crescendos with every word.

Everytime I opened a new chapter I felt a sword gowing deeper in my throat.

I have read Kafka before.

He played a part in the connection I found with darkness and expressionism.

This book is about a man who is facing a trial for unknown sin by an invisible yet powerful entity. He keeps sinking into quicksand of despair with overstep he takes to liberate himself.

I have seen court cases closely from young age and I know it’s a quicksand, even if you manage to get out you can tumble and fall in it anytime later. And you always don the traces of sand on your mind and body throughout rest of your life.

But I couldn’t help wonder what was going on with Kafka when he wrote this?

But didn’t metamorphosis follow the similar fate?

Maybe that’s what life is in the end of the day. Just the intensity is different for everyone.


I am glad I was able to finishing the book.

The relief is priceless!

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