I’m fuming

I dont understand how manners have become some rare dinosaurs fossils.

What’s wrong with people.

I m not talking about royal level manners but at least normal human level manners where you are just treating other person as a normal human too.

I mean.

Just caring to not annoy people around you.

I’m fuming!

And when you are following some implied etiquette suddenly you become the sensitive one or aloof.

Like how do you mix shameless clongliness with being social. How does that make you a friendly person.

And that too with people you are not even close with.

And if you say it’s wrong.

You are not friendly and shit.

I dont know. My head will explode today.

You cant really teach people normal etiquette sometimes and then they drag you in thier emabarasing shameless shenanigans. Because o my God they are so friendly

I mean wtf is wrong with you. You are torturing people because you dont understand and respect privacy!

I have seen people do this and its nauseating.

Maybe I was raised differently.

I was raised with very basic level of manners and this behaviour for me is just unbearable.

Tell me if I’m wrong.


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  1. Nope. You’re not wrong. It’s an epidemic, actually. Some numbnut is always showing their ass somewhere, displaying whatever volume/behavior/attitude/language/puffery they choose, and act like you’re the asshat for calling them on their bullshit. I’m not a violent person, generally, but those turd burglars make me want to throat punch β€˜em.

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    1. EXACTLY!! Please behave like a normal person and I don’t really care if its not bothering someone, but sometimes people clearly end up hurting/embarrassing/annoying others and they thing it’s cool. Cmon!!

      I mean no matter what you do, how nice you are, how many sacrifice you make to please people so that they let you live with peace. BUT NO!!

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  2. Hm, I am not really sure what are we talking about. I assume I must be there to see it in order to understand your problem. Did you mean about the people who impose themselves in other people’s matters?

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  3. Honestly I can understand your frustration. And sometimes people just don’t know that they are being because they continue to claim that they did not know when they clearly make the choice to do so.

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      1. Unfortunately I doubt that would help because it also matters how you are taught at home so if they’re parents never corrected their behavior when they were growing up then it will be difficult to do so now that they are grown


  4. We’re all guilty stoner. I hope my years on the planet have taught me something as I look at the ignorance all around me and, unfortunately, inside me. I’m grieved by your pain but I’m encouraged that you’re thinking and trying to make our world a better place.


  5. I am baffled daily by the lack of basic human courtesy. Like the cashier who won’t put down the phone or stop gabbing with her friend and give me 30 seconds of service with a smile.

    I’m a psycho that way, expecting people to do their jobs instead of socializing and ignoring me.

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    1. People must respect thier jobs and customer service depends on how you treat people. That’s literally all it is about.
      Fortunately Dubai is a bit finicky about customer service so I never really had a problem. But I have heard horror stories from people living elsewhere.
      And wherever you are facing customers first hand you have to behave yourself, because that’s your priority.


  6. It doesn’t cost anything to say ‘Thank You’ or smile and return a greeting of ‘good morning’ etc. I was brought up to be polite and respect my elders. I have my moments when I really want to smash their face in, but I smile and say Thank you. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yea. That’s another problem. I would prefer a person who doesnt say thank you over the one who grabs my arms and shakes it while saying “thank you”.
      Or take my picture or make my videos without my knowledge and show it to people I dont even know. Because it should be totally tolerable and they are just being friendly.


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