Under The Tuscan Sun – Movie Review (and something about noses)

Since I’m binging on movies an unhealthy amount and not really doing any quality blogging, how about I do some reviews?

Not exactly review, more like sharing my feelings about the movie. Because this blog is all about feelings, and mostly confusing ones. And that’s what reviews are I guess.


Let’s dive in

So I was watching the movie “Under The Tuscan Sun” and I couldn’t help notice Diane lane’s nose.

People with noses that small and perfect have no idea what they are blessed with.

Being born with a small nose is a privilege on the same lines as inheriting a castle.

Trust me i’m not exaggerating.

They don’t have to worry about funds to finance a rhinoplasty. And by rhinoplasty we mean nose surgeries…because…rhinos…

They are naturally photogenic. In side poses the nose stays with them in the same frame. In front ones it doesn’t dominate the whole photo.

People looking at you can engage in a conversation by looking straight in your eyes, without getting distracted by a pyramid of giza sitting on your face!

You don’t believe me?? I have seen eyes darting back and forth between my eyes and tip (not exactly) of my nose!!

Sorry it had to be about the movie.

So it’s a great movie. It’s about surviving, rebuilding your life and taking chances.

We are naturally malleable but we hate to let ourselves shape. There is always this fear of what if we lose what we have in trying something else and pursuing what we never thought we can have.

I could relate to it.

You know what I love about this movie?

It didn’t try to veil human nature. Everything was there. Even the things we feel but hide, like disappointments.

It’s about pursuing crazy ideas and building something without expecting instant rewards.

About love, well mostly flirting and affairs…

And about traveling and WRITING!! I mean the lead is a writer so you all have to give this movie a chance at least.

It’s a fresh perspective on life, and who doesn’t need that?

Let me share some lines about the movie.

Life offers you a thousand chances, all you have to do is take one.

They say they built the train tracks over the Alps before there was a train that could make the trip. They built it anyway. They knew one day the train would come. Any arbitrary turning along the way, and I would be elsewhere. I would be different. What are four walls, anyway? They are what they contain.The house protects the dreamer. Unthinkably good things can happen, even late in the game. It’s such a surprise.

Regrets are a waste of time. They are the past crippling you in the present.

You have to live spherically – in many directions. Never lose your childish enthusiasm – and things will come your way. Federico Fellini.

And this was what she wrote on a post card for a fellow traveller:

Dear Mom,

It’s market day in Cortona. The piazza is an on going party and everyone is invited. Clichés converge and you almost want to laugh, but you can’t help feeling that these Italians know more about having fun than we do. I eat a hot grape from the market and the violet sweetness breaks open in my mouth. It even smells purple. I wish I could stay here longer but the bell reminds me of the time. Ding Dang Dong!, goes the bell instead of just Ding Dong! I wish you were here. Love…Rodney.”

That’s all Folks!! 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Under The Tuscan Sun – Movie Review (and something about noses)

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  1. I saw this movie a long time ago and I remember liking it. The thing about Hollywood writing, for TV and movies, is that finances are so utterly disregarded. Everyone can travel. Everyone can buy a house or rent a glorious apartment. Jobs are passing things instead of what dominate our lives week after week. Etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahah I know it assumes “money” as a constant and implied factor. You have problems..but you have money to deal with them. In that aspect this movie might seem to be unrealistic.
      But the truth is I have seen people with money struggling with insurmountable traumas and then they hear “you have no problem, you have money”
      We actually heard something similar on our mother’s funeral.
      Honestly money is not always the answer.

      But I do agree with your point completely, in most of movies they fail to represent how is a person affording life.

      Liked by 1 person

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