Random convo with bff

Phone conversation with bff at airport..

Me: I am full..really full but lemon tart is divine

Sam: move a little. Make space.

Me: food might overflow

Sam: oh

Me: I might still try in a while

Sam: you should have eaten like a human

Me: Other stuff was good too

Sam: lol

Me: But coffee is still shitty

Sam: Again?

Me: Yea.

Sam: When will you give up on airport coffee

Me: This time I prayed..God please I need a cup of coffee that tastes like coffee please…

Sam: And it didn’t work?

Me: No..

Sam: How about green tea

Me: Not in a healthy mood. Maybe coke. Oh theres no coke.

Sam: What’s wrong with you

Me: I want that lemon tart but I will need a chamber in my head to fit another one

Sam: This is not last lemon tart on planet

Me: This could be last divine lemon tart on the planet.

Sam: Walk a little you still have time.

Me: I think this coffee clogged my throat..and I’m coughing..

Sam: That’s because of Pepsi!!

Me: Oh.. I love you!!

Sam: Ahaha yea me too..


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  1. I am reading a book by Christopher Moore titled, ‘Lamb’ and Biff is the main character which really gives a new perspective on your Post.


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