My tranquility, my light #writephoto

And then popped your image
Between hundreds of pictures
Your light brown side parted hair
Partially draping your visage
Falling on your shoulder
Like a stream of gold
Cascading down
In perfect harmony
And that smile
When you are not really smiling
And you are trying not to
They say I got that from you
One of very few things
We have in common
On first glimpse
I felt the same stab
Run through my chest
And I quickly scrolled up
But then I stopped
And went back
And doted on your picture
For an eternity
Letting your smile
Seep into me
Filling dark holes
In wreckage of my existence
With the sparkle of your eyes
I smile
Through torrents of pain
And let you heal me
From the other side
As my hands trembled
Craving warmth of your hand
You were my source of comfort
You were my knight
You were my tranquility
…You were my light…

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt

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25 thoughts on “My tranquility, my light #writephoto

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    1. Yea I just tumbled upon my mom’s picture, the one I edited for her last marriage aniversary. Ended up writing this.
      Her memories are sweet beautiful and painful at the same time.
      A really sweet poisonous nectar that kills something inside every time.


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