Another day

Another day.

Another cup of crisp black coffee

Another avalanche of problems.

Guys. Hell broke loose at zoo!

Shrilly monkey is wailing and crying, mental giraffe started stomping stirring a sand storm, and wise owl started fidgeting and circling in confusion.

Simply put, my siblings are upset they can’t get access to my ebook, because of non-availablity.

And this problem can’t be fixed by offering a paperback which I would love to because our dad receives mail, and he is not well still.

And my close friends are on cussing rampage.

It’s funny when you are centre of crisis and you have to calm down the people around you.

I mean..WTF? It’s my book. My biggest loss.

Well. We got where we were with what we have, so I haven’t lost hope.

I have written to amazon the whole situation, I really really hope they come up with something.

Im swinging between “o my God I will have a brain haemorrhage” and “calm down, there is still some light in the end of the tunnel just pray its not a train”

So yea. Pretty fucking shitty situation.

Very frustrating.

Since, I have only 10 days left, on a whim I went on to create paperback edition and midway I decided not to rush, better do it with clear head than a frustrated one.

With all of this. Promotion options are really limited.

I am not going for amazon select, that’s useful for visibility and my book is already still on first page in a few categories so that’s not my major concern. And I am just not having a goos feeling about amazon select.

I’m sorry in these mosts most of the times I’m talking to myself. This kinda helps me.

so, options left are promotion on social media and I’m not that social media savvy. I do have accounts I barely use..

Here are some places I’m at, please find me there:


Reddit: stoneroarc,

Instagram: stoneronarollercoaster,

I uploaded trailer on my youtube too.

Only if I know how all of this works for poets out there.

The rest, I don’t know

I was thinking about drafting a proper ad. I have #1 new release banner screenshots, and a trailer, this can be something. I have thought about doing that at the time of release, but it might not be a bad idea right now.


That’s all for now, hope you all are having a great weekend.

Thanks for tolerating.

P.s. Here’s the link to the book => Swinging Sanity


14 thoughts on “Another day

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  1. Sucks that you can’t get Amazon ebooks there.
    If you’re going down the paperback route, be aware that you’ll need to do a lot more editing, and it can get more than a little frustrating.

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  2. Hang in there! One step at a time. Check one thing off at a time. While there is so much frustration, this is an exciting time…you’re book is out there. Someday you will look back and say, “I made it happen!”


    1. I wrote to Amazon support and they have confirmed my books cant reach those regions. Kindle content isnt avaiable for those territories. But once I am done with publishing on Amazon I will move to smashwords or Ibooks so that they can read too. Thanks a lot for caring 🙂

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  3. Twitter has a really big writing community. If you share your link on there and use #writingcommunity you’ll find your following will grow pretty quickly. I don’t know if it will get sales as I don’t have a book to promote, but worth a try. Also, definitely better to do things when you’re not frustrated. Things will be ok!

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    1. Thank you so much Kelly for whatever you are doing there for me it means alot. Some body else told about writing community too. Everything is happening so fast and I just joined Twitter, so I think I havent completely understood how it works. I’m not that social media savvy so I have decided I will give one day to explore each site and understand how all of this actually works. I sound like a dinosaur but.. what to do.

      Thank you so much 🙂

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  4. Made me smile, specially good when you wake up in the morning. Siblings…… anyways I´ll try to get the bank to give me a credit card and purchase your book. Or I just go in guns blazing. It has to be a great read.

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  5. I got in my car today and talked to it, something to the extent of “Please start in spite of the single digit cold.” My kid was like, normal people don’t talk to their cars. Hmm. I talk to my car, my cats, myself, so normal is out the bloody window there.
    I think of it more as a ‘please cooperate/don’t make a mess/don’t spazz out” prayer to the sacred pegacorn.
    Just keeping talking to yourself, normal is overrated anyway. 😉

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