Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami

Before the hangover fades away and reality kicks in, I should write about this book, Men Without Women, that felt like a solemn dream.

I feel like I am trying to trap light in a jar.

I don’t think I can give words to what exactly I was feeling when I read this book but I will try.

It’s a collection of 7 short stories about men experiencing devastating loss of women, one way or other.

I can’t praise enough the way Murakami penned confusion, loneliness, and excruciating pain that breaks us into two parts; one to survive, and other to mourn, with honesty that will touch your soul.

Some people find it anti-women, but I don’t know why I didn’t.

My mind automatically blurred the gender differences and I was reading it as people without people. One should without the other.

Even though naturally I could understand actions of women in the stories, but I could relate to the pain of men too.

Everything about the book is raw, unfiltered and sincere.

I couldn’t help say “I know that feeling”, “yes, that’s how that feels but i wasn’t able to give words to my feelings”

That’s the best thing about this book. It gave words to emotions we fail to express. Metaphors used are out of this world, yet accurate.

It served as an exceptional drain opener for my 1 year reader’s block.

I highly recommend it if you want to experience raw intense emotions. It’s going to melt you.

I wanted to add my favourite quotes but I think I will reserve a separate post for that.

I learned a lot from this book about this I have felt but couldn’t understand. Maybe I still don’t completely understand. Who can understand pain??


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