Magic Bed

Last night I slept with my baby sis (let’s call her S1. She’s not a baby but way younger than me) and my 8 year old niece.

Niece was the first one to sleep and in the silence of the night a point came where my sis asked me “what is this noise.. don’t tell me..”

I said, “yea it’s her…she is snoring” i am not exaggerating but my niece was snoring like a cow or something. Loud deep heavy…it was hard to believe it’s coming from a human child.

Well. We slept.

And I woke up to one more addition on the bed. Our one more sis was supposed to come early morning so somehow she managed to make her place. Let’s call her S2

I checked my WhatsApp and in our siblings group there was a picture of me S1 and niece sleeping with the caption “new year resolution” shared by S2.

I took S2’s pic and posted with caption “when someone takes new year resolutions too seriously”.

But unfortunately I slept again..

Next I woke up there was one more pic of me and S1 sleeping with caption “someone took my picture and went back to sleep, they are still sleeping”

And when s3 (who is the audience in group) saw blanket on my face and asked “how is she breathing?” S3 wrote “she breathes from toes”

This is going to be one of the most memorable mornings of my life.

There are extra rooms. There are extra beds. But everyone has to come to this one. And then this magic bed expands to accommodate all of us.

We didnt go out anywhere last night or today. But we all were home being just us. We had each other.

*feeling blessed*

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30 thoughts on “Magic Bed

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  1. Though lonely nights, I’ve known a few
    I shared last night with someone new
    We shared the pillow, shared our breath
    We shared the moment. Little death.
    We lay together, side by side
    We share what we no longer hide.

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      1. I was just inspired by your own words. There is something very intimate about sharing a bed with someone – quite aside from any carnal implications that might exist in certain situations. In a special way we are at our most vulnerable when asleep – there is a level of trust and exclusiveness that goes with the deal, and a sense of sharing that goes beyond the physical space that is being shared.

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      2. It’s scary level intimate. For someone who has always struggled to fall asleep and can’t sleep in total darkness it can be really scary.

        One day in the middle of the night my sis started laughing when she was sleeping…one of the scariest moments of my life.

        Sharing your personal space with someone you are not comfortable with is barbarism to your mind. I wish I could explain it better.


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