Happy New Year!!

I wrote a looooong post for the year 2018 last night alongside tolerating my baby sis who was doing what she does best… annoy me!

But then I went to my dentist appointment early morning and that changed everything..

After delaying for a decade at least, I finally decided to get some dental repairs done. Actually it was my 2nd visit first was few days back but real work had to be started today.

I had no idea these fillings are going to fuck my feelings so hard I CANT EVEN SEE CLEARLY!!

She asked me if I want local anesthesia. She actually said ‘do you want injection’ looking at my early morning condition she probably thought I dont know what anesthesia is..

And I was like..no I dont think I need that…

How wrong could i be.

My arms and legs would go up in shock the moment drill would venture into newly discovered territories..

I even tried to wave my arms to stop her.

But nooooooooo!

Once the dental drill starts talking..nothing can stop it.

I can’t feel half of my face..

I still hear dental drill music after 12 hours..

I am eating like a toothless 90 year old..that too a hungry one..

Taking in super slow motion…

I might have seen a flying car too on my way back…

I could badly mutilate that entire post so I will share that one later..

For now..

Happy New Year to you and yours!! 😊

May you all have a blessed year ahead. Ameen ❀

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59 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

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  1. Sympathise with the dentist. Mine knows I need lots of numbing juice before he gets anywhere near me with a drill. I had a filling a little while ago and had some numbing stuff on cotton wool on my gums before the injections. I ended up having five. Nith mun, duthent hurt.
    Happy New Year.

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    1. Why did she offer me that cotton wool thing?? I will ask her tomorrow. I have decided I will voluntarily surrender to the injection. I am sure that would be less painful than the drill.

      Some people are hard to sedate or respond not that well to anesthesia maybe. I don’t know. I needed everything extra for a surgery. Thanks for reminding I will tell her to give me extra injection. πŸ˜€


  2. Oh wow, what an intense way of ending the year!! I hope you are doing better by now, and that you’ll be able to enjoy the New Year’s start!

    All the best to you and your loved ones for 2019! May your teeth heal quickly so you can smile to what’s ahead of you!! xx

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  3. Happy new year! I can truly relate what you have gone through! Few years back, my 2 or 3 molars were filled, drilled and the pain stayed for days!!
    Take care πŸ’“
    I think it’s good to say goodbye to your chocolates

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    1. I dont know what molars where these but there are 3 fillings done on one side and tere are 2 more fillings on the other side with a root canal treatment…in short I’m screwed! Lol.

      I dont think anything can stop me from having chocolates i have a cube in my mouth right now. If I’m going to heaven I am taking chocolates with me πŸ˜†


  4. Oh my! I’ve never had to have a dentist drill a tooth but I dread it. Apparently redheads feel the pain more as out genes mean anaesthesia isn’t very effective. I hope you feel better soon. At least 2019 can’t possible be anymore painful than that start to the year 🌈

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  5. So sorry you had to endure all that suffering. It’s hard to fathom how something as small as a tooth can cause us so much misery. If it’s any consolation, you did blog the story well… I could practically hear that drill. Wishing you a happy, healthy pain free 2019!

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  6. Happy New Year to you, as well! I hear ya on the dental work. I had two root canals on the same day about a week and a half ago. I did have local anesthesia, though. You’ll feel better soon. Take care!

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    1. O my God. I was shit scared of root canal but once doctor drilled the cavity she said I dont need it but it’s under observation.
      This time they used local anasthesia for fillings to. Made my life so much easier.

      I am good. Thank you. Hope you are doing well too πŸ™‚

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