Rant alert!

Its 6 am and there is a fat ass tube light shining brighter than sun in my bedroom.

Guess why??

Because my monkey sis moved into my room when I arrived to give me company.. did you hear that??

Like this is the way to give me company. When she is doing her project and I am tossing and turning like a damn fish!

After turning her room into Bermuda triangle she turned mine into a landfill or something.

Right now this weirdo is sitting on my bed eating my chocolates using my hair scissors to cut paper sheets

Then she has audacity to tell me to put a stole on my eyes and go to sleep…

I mean.. if I didn’t love her that much i swear i would have thrown her out of the window!

And oh she opened the window when I’m freezing because she liked playlist of neighbors.

By neighbors I mean our brother who is cooking something in street just outside our window with his friends. What planet I am living on.

And if I get mad she stupid laughs and hugs me like an ostrich trying to hide under a chicken’s wings.

30 minutes!! If she doesn’t switch off the light..

She will be what I will cook next outside the same window

Or I will be sleeping with a stole on my eyes…

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