sheet mask rant!

Whoever invented sheet mask.. what were you thinking sir?

I mean whyyy??

I have to attend a wedding tomorrow and me being me is absolutely proudly unprepared for this one too.

God works in strange ways. I accidentally opened my siblings whatsapp group and saw all of them writing “see you tomorrow”.

When i asked “where is this next mad-house setting taking place and why” they reminded me of the wedding.

And guess what. I was actually holding the invitation card of the same wedding. I mean how absend-minded could you be?


In situations like these you try to jump from Jeff Lebowski mode to Irina Shayk mode.

I had a sheet mask lying around. Well i have sisters so i can always find something like that in close range.

I opened the pack and took out a folded cloth.

Read the instructions and looked at that cloth thing again.

I was supposed to open that Hannibal lecterish mask. Put it on my face. Peel of a thin plastic layer from it. And then adjust it on the contours of my face.

Turns out human faces have very small eyes these day. Because the holes for the eyes are very close to corner of my eyes and I don’t have mild Tunis eyes. (I didn’t correct mild Tunis because it look funny it had to be Mila Kunis)


i struggled for 10 minutes and I look like Hannibal Lecter’s sister minus the bars on mouth area. 

In my case I have some part of mask on half of my lips and I don’t have Angelina Jolie lips.

Like what the hell. Stop playing with me emotions.

You want to make me feel like a hot model and I honestly feel like a canibalistic serial killer.

Sorry for the typos I’m seriously pissed 

And what do I do with nut brittle. Its 4. 15 am I tiptoed all the way to the lounge and smuggled this jar to my room and then went like…fuck! How do I eat..

And guess what, there is so much product on the plastic sheet I peeled off and in the pack. Like why waste so much precious product and couldn’t you just give it in a bottle. Why shove a cloth with small holes in equation?

And I am hungry!


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