Hatchimal story.

How about I tell you guys the hatchimal story I mentioned few days back.

So when I was home with family it was sort of a reunion.

One day I walked into my sister’s room and all my siblings were there sitting in a circle. They had worried look on their faces and looked very anxious.

All sorts of bad scenarios ran in my mind. Perks of being a realist..

Me: what’s going on??

Sis: we are trying to break an egg it has a toy inside.

Me: umm..kinder??

Sis: hatchimal. (showing me a small purple plastic egg)

Me: so where is the opening?

Sis: it doesn’t have one. You rub this heart untill it changes colour..(pointing to a tiny heart print on egg)

Next I knew I was rubbing that heart on my thigh like a maniac I was about to generate sparks when I heard..

Sis: the color already changed..we did that part.

Me: so now what?? (I was seriously confused I never even heard of it before)

Sis: now we have to break it..

Niece: please open it (trying to act all innocent)

With that I returned the egg and next scene was 5 grown ups wrestling a plastic egg with no clue what it contained and how it opens.

The result? Minor nail injuries and major tantrums..

The biggest one thrown by my 18 year old brother who lost his shit. He doesnt get angry alot but that day he lost it..

He was screaming at the egg and when he figured that doesnt help he started screaming at everyone and everything. Like he was literally screaming at walls too.

Bro: what’s inside? Open this? How does it open? What’s inside? A baby? Bird?? Open it. There has to be some way.

I dont even remember rest of it but I do remember his expressions.. now we laugh at it.

At that time we actually got worried and decided he wont be allowed in labour room when he is having kids. He can easily scare the baby.

And throughout the wrestling my 4 year old niece was sitting in a corner watching patiently and the moment we would try to give up she would make puppy face and say please open it.. kids are pro at manipulating!

It did break finally in small pieces that later injured our feet too and i dont even remember what it had I saw a small unicorn with glitter on it. Not sure if it was from same egg.

Well. That was the complete hatchimal story.

We are never getting those again!

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  1. My mother bought my kid a “Hatchimal” egg last year the size of an ostrich egg. It was an 80 pc puzzle and my kid insisted on opening it there so by the time we traveled home, pieces were missing and she’d lost interest,anyway. I’ll take the frustrating nail damage of theimperfectly small hatching ones over that any day.

    I guess it’s my karma cos my dad spent my 8th Christmas and six hours ‘trying’ to assemble my Barbie Dream House and teaching me new swear words. There’s the song ‘parents just don’t understand’ but it cuts both ways cos these small kids have zero idea how flustered the adorably little toys make us grown ups!


    I promise not to ever send you a Hatchimal. Life is confounding enough!

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    1. Ahaha I agree.
      Missing puzzle pieces can lead to out of control tantrums and kids don’t let you sit untill you fix their problems.

      And 80 piece puzzle..I can’t even imagine. And there are kids who can give a rubik’s cube to solve.. i think they like to see us frustrated.

      One day may niece was roaming around with a pencil paper and a chewing gum wrapper and was asking everyone to copy a cat from wrapper on paper. Everyone refused but my dad couldn’t so he was trying to draw something looking close to anything with eyes and ears of a cat when my niece trying to appriciate him by saying “I noticed bald people are good at drawing” 😂

      My poor dad looked so embarrased

      Why kids are so mean..


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