On Food Marathon Again..

So I am having shopping hangover.

Now for someone who doesn’t go for shopping much it feel like a round trip to the top of mount Everest.

I am hurting head to toe. Wish it was an exaggeration.

This is the first time ibuprofen disappointed me.

The shitty situation reminded me I ran out of my supplements long ago and didn’t bother to get them. So I must be running low on some basics.


So yesterday I called Sam and told her the situation. And she said eat something.

Even though I had eaten well but still I went to kitchen and started looking for food everywhere.

She was shooting a listing of items 1 bullet at a time but real fast.

And I was ok stop..no ..keep shooting I need to know tons of options i will only have a few.

One of those was soup. I had a satchel of readymade mashroom soup that should have been labeled mashroom goop…but anything could work. So I started stirring that in a pan.

Then I remembered green tea and turmeric anti-inflammatory concoction. Calling it tea would be like cussing tea. But anything could help..so.. I am on my third cup since yesterday. Honestly it did help a little.

Then I got a msg from family ‘eat well. Don’t exhaust yourself..’

How sweet. But wait..

Thee is more..

“…we need vacation and we have exams too so you will be cooking and taking care of home”

Umm..I thought I am going on a vacation..

They all encourage me to eat and overeat and over-over-overeat..and the when I gain and tell them I am stressed.

They again tell me to eat something to ward of that stress.

And sometimes they have audacity to tell me ‘because you eat a lot..’

What!! Who are the people cheering and clapping when I am on my food marathon??

And if I ask why don’t you guys stop me.

They say..because you don’t listen to anyone..

They reply the same when I ask “why don’t you stop me when I am seconds close to embarrass myself..”

I think that is just inevitable event..like natural disasters.

I get hit by embarrassment storms and humiliation tornadoes.

So when my folks see it coming they probably feel it would be better if they silently flee and save themselves.

Can’t really blame them.

My binge eating situation painted a wierd image in my mind.

If I die and my family decides to build a pyramid for me it will be named..


at least try…

Pyramids of pizza!!

Why am I so imaginative??

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