Can’t think of title.

Ever been to hospital and thought..this place is going to give me diseases I never had??

Yep.. at one of those hospitals..

Feel like digging a whole in the wall and sit in that instead of waiting area. That would be more hygienic.

And then you try to hide your disgust because you dont want people to think you are bratty or something..

And look confused stiff and siverely constipated.

With half twisted forced smile..

I don’t want to breathe today..

Bolivian salt flat looks so Instagram.. that’s where I’m going after this.

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  1. Hubby waited less than five minutes in a hospital corridor for me to come out of my appointment, and went down Norwark (Noro) virus. I have never know him so ill. Luckily, I didn’t get it, which was just as well as I had just started my radiotherapy.

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    1. Oh God. Treatments lower your immune system you were lucky you didnt catch anything.
      I have had radiotherapy too.
      And been on immune suppressant and had to be very careful about my surroundings. So places like that really scare me.

      Hospitals should be taking special care as all the patients go there.


      1. It’s autoimmune so even after 4 years of intense treatment and all sorts of tests they dont have a diagnosis yet. They tell me consider is a part of journey. So I am okay I think.

        May you all stay be healthy. Living with illness and someone with an illness both arent easy..


    1. Oh God. I have heard “it’s more serious go to a jigger doctor/specialist” plenty of times. It pulls the rug out.

      And if someone would tell me I would be worse in a hospital…then where else are we supposed to go??

      I carry wipes. I do have those masks I wear them during artwork. I will carry some in my bag too. Just didnt see this comming.

      Thanks for reminding 🙂


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