Classic picture of adult life

I woke up in stone age today.

No electricity and gas.

Can you believe that??

And I live in Dubai. Can you believe it now??

Well it wasnt dubai’s fault it was scheduled power outage for maintainance work and there was a notice in the lift that I saw few days back but I was so distracted I didnt even look at the date. Or I forgot.

In normal circumstances maybe I wouldnt have panicked that bad. But I had an appointment that i scheduled 2 and a half months back.

This is how busy this doctor was. So it felt like last chance.

Cold breakfast is no breakfast.

I literally steeped ground coffe in cold water and drank whatever it was…don’t ask what it tasted like it was more of a rain for desert situation.

I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t have biopsy slide images on USB that I had to show to the doctor and laptop wasn’t charged.

You can’t sit with doctor and say. Ok let’s discuss something I can’t show you now and I will email you later. With a busy doctor you need everything in your hand with at least 2 copies.

I just had cold breakfast and waited. I actually thought there’s is nothing I can do so maybe I should sleep for a while and wake up half an hour before I had to leave for hospital.

Shit had happened already. Staying up my head could explode with anxiety.

1 hour before I had to leave home suddenly i heard beeps from every corner of home. For a seconds i was wondering how many things dont even function without electricity.

Next I was running between kitchen bathroom and bedroom.

Connecting charges. Throwing food on stove and wearing whatever was hanging. Checking myself like a psycho thinking what if I forget to wear something.

And literally shoving reports slides cds in my reports bag.

I literally wiped my face with a damp tissue in hospital restroom.

Well. Appointment went well. Doctor was nice. And he actually said “thanks for being so organized”

In my head I was like..yea 4 years taught me that.

As I had my medical file CDs reports slides every record updated. Honestly I am more organized than that when it’s about medical record purely because I can’t go back to give another blood sample just because I lost a report. And running after labs can be taxing at times.


After that I had to go to mall as I will be going home and be with family for a while so next task was making one big list from 20 to 25 tiny lists memos and msgs.

About shopping later. Maybe never. It’s never fun for me. I just take a list check things as I throw them and cart. Pay. And I’m done.

The day started so terrifying at one point I thought I might not go for the appointment at all.

But then just had to make extra effort for everything.

In hospital’s waiting area that’s what I was thinking.

This is classic picture of adult life. Running and trying to make things work.

There is no normal simple life anymore.

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10 thoughts on “Classic picture of adult life

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  1. Funny how we’re a world away yet in some way orbit each others lives….there’s only 6 degrees of seperation between anyone, they say.
    Here, you and I have found each other in the world, also, you may have passed my brother on the street one day, where you are. My brother spends much time in Dubai though he works ( Nuclear Engineer) and lives in Abu Dhabi.


    1. yea there is not much to see in Abu Dhabi so people come here often. and if you live in US I can’t even make the list of my relatives that you may have passed on street. world is shrinking everyday. I do believe in 6 degrees of separation. in a way if you want you can know anyone and sometimes that thought scares me.


    1. I see it in a different way. if someone is able to express themselves and write and publish it, the effort deserves a like. I could be wrong.
      in this case the magnitude of misfortunes did taper down by the end of the day so I don’t really mind likes πŸ™‚


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