Sunday ramble!

I am just gonna ramble today.

It’s sunday. Even though it WAS sunday here 2 hours ago but I am still here munching and writing and watching forensic files.

Well. So nothing about book or writing today.

Because that gave me a mini heart attack in the morning only when I was happy crying at my first draft and suddenly some devil whispered ‘make a list of thing you need to do on this book before publishing’

And what I thought should have looked like this..

Actually looked like this..

It took me 2 cups of strong coffee and 2 hours of non-stop fidgeting like a chinchilla to finally accept..I am screwed from all 360°!!

I mean.. what’s going on..

Either one day my patience will go super thin and break and I will publish whatever I have. Or i might take one more decade..or more..

Thanks to howling windows I got distracted in time.

Harsh winds started jolting and howling against my window just when my imaginary angina kicked in..

And since my windows cover more than half of my wall, when this happened my thought shifted from “what if I can never publish a book?” to “what if I get stabbed by broken window glass and die right now?”

The latter was an obvious winner.

Funny, I couldn’t do anything about both Hahah..hmm..

And is it just my wordpress app going crazy or you noticed something wierd in wordpress notifications too?? Sometimes they are checked when noone can access my phone. If I am hacked…I am screwed again!

This reminds me of “we are screwed” scene from 10 things I hate about you..

And what the heck is a mailing list? I see it everywhere. Does it even work?

It’s like compulsory part of your self publishing journey as plastered all over the internet. But honestly I don’t understand.

Maybe I am missing something.

If any of you guys made one for your books please let me know if it worked for you.

I might actually make a different post on that.


See that??

I said I won’t talk about book and I can’t talk about something else now. That’s so shitty.

Well..the howling windows..

So, that’s all for now.

Don’t forget to smile and if you do imagine me doing the home-alone face when I saw that list-from-hell.

Take care guys.

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