Upside of annoying af meet ups

Ever had that moment when everyone around you is engulfed in some very important trendy conversations and you are wondering “wow! How did I end up with even more stupid people everytime. Wasn’t it the last month when I felt this is the most stupid group of people I ever met ..and look! Here we are!”

Occasions like that have made me a brilliant actor.

My biggest talent is faking smile when I literally want to smash the table on the wall.

Then comes expressions that show you are listening every alphabet of the dreadful conversation and you are actually taking mental notes. Sometime I take actual fake notes too (not even kidding)

The nods, yeahs, omgs, and reallys… I have never uttered those expressions with so much emotions before.

And fake laugh?? I am planning to start giving tuitions on thunderous fake laughs.

And the painfully tearful goodbye moments when inside I am like.. this was very close to voluntary euthanasia…

I am growing up to be a very talented individual.

But maybe I did need a break.

Sometimes nonsensical conversations are a good diversion from your serious life problems.

Occasional doses are fine. Like twice a year max. More than that is lethal.

And then such meet ups polish your acting skills so you are not really losing anything.

And in the end you are grateful you are labeled anti-social or introvert.

What else do you want??


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22 thoughts on “Upside of annoying af meet ups

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  1. OMG right??? Especially when it’s family or people who don’t pay attention to the news but insist on trying to sound like they have an educated opinion on the matter. I do sometimes give in to by well-renowned sarcasm and say something that goes was way over dim heads.

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    1. ahaha I dont watch news and all but then I don’t comment on it too and there are always 5 people on fighting on the same news with 5 different interpretations .. too much drama..
      the moment I get sarcastic I can feel 6 7 random pairs of eyes glaring at me. but then do we have any other option? I don’t think so..

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      1. A friend of mine does the best creepy look when people try to talk to her when she’s not interested. She seriously scares people, it’s awesome!

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