Time traveler

Sometimes I feel like a time traveler

When your “go-to” becomes TOO “go-to” your complete attire acts as a time machine.

This happens when you don same clothes wear same lipstick and tie your hair the same way.

Walk the same street to eat the same food on the same day of the week from the same place.

Last night I had this weird feeling when I looked at my same face in the same lift going to same floor of my apartment building.

Perpetual deja vu couldn’t be more accurate.

I felt like time had stopped somewhere or I just entered the date of the last weekend in my time machine.

I was in actual auto-pilot mode.

At one point I felt like one of those Russian dolls. Just a painted hollow piece of wood.

I am ok but aftershocks will take time to calm down.

Oh, I heard my dad laugh today.. after months.

I don’t even remember the last time he laughed. it wasn’t with the same intensity, it was very scare careful laughter. Like he is afraid he might even go overboard with laughing or maybe afraid his happiness will be snatched away from him. It’s heart breaking.

But at least he heard him laugh.

I don’t understand life. I think nobody can understand life.


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