Crippling fear of what-ifs

Some times you feel the earth is rotating at double the speed.

Everything happening fast and you have to change decision 5 6 times a day. Everything is unpredictable.

Its makes you dizzy and exhausted.

Been mentally so busy last few days that i couldn’t focus on writing at all as I had to deal with some serious issues

And fears!

I hate fears

And there is no life without them. At least in my case.

I get paranoid and here I mean really paranoid about 50 worst possibilities that may never happen.

But there are 50 thousand people and events that made me like this.

I hate to be afraid and I cant help it. Then I think about what-ifs and start to spiral.

I know at least 90%of the times my fears dont materialize. And I have dealt with the 10% and here I am. Alive and writing.

If I am writing that means I survived.

It’s just a ramble maybe a reminder. Life isn’t easy for anyone.

For some it’s way too difficult.

The worst actually happens and people survive.

And life continues and carries them on its wings.

I’m so tired of just getting scared that my vision has blurred. It’s not a joke.

The other day I was looking at videos of chinchillas and I was like..yep..that’s me on anxiety..

Wish fears didn’t exist.

What do you guys do when you feel crippled by thousands of worst what-ifs??

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29 thoughts on “Crippling fear of what-ifs

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  1. I get like this sometimes and force myself to pick one task and focus on it, such as washing the dishes. Then pick another one. Just keep doing one thing at a time and summon as much energy as you can to that task.

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    1. normally I suggest people that too. I suggest and make lists and then start doing them one at a time but with anxiety through the roof I can’t even see properly. my vision blurred and it was scary. but I am better now so I will start doing it too.
      thank you so much πŸ™‚

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  2. I started to meditate regularly a few years ago using the Headspace app. It’s been useful. But it’s definitely not a quick fix.
    I just imagined an ocean, calm. It’s huge yet comprised of millions of drops of water. I pictured being a drop and part of this big thing. It was comforting. Floating in the sea.

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  3. I used to get very anxious in my teens and twenties…for several reasons. There was a fear factor (a fear of violence from events in my littledom)…and other things. I know it sounds odd, but when things did eventually go terribly wrong and one of my worst case scenarios did play out…well, I have not had the same level of anxiety since. If I survived that…I must be quite a toughy!
    But I know that sometimes it is almost impossible to tame and reign in your own thoughts. Do you have some kind of strategy to “earth” yourself when unhelpful thoughts are getting out of control? I know it sounds odd, but I went through a stage when I was becoming so paralysed by things that triggered fear…I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, but I had the ability to start singing in my head. I would crank up the volume to the point when I could sing the words out loud. But everyone is different. I don’t know if you can keep chinchillas as your focus when you are gripped by anxiety or something, just to help break the thought pattern until you have the strength to pummel harmful thoughts.
    I don’t know if this is making sense…I just came home from work and it is almost midnight…I just was very interested in your post. I hope you are alright… πŸ™‚

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    1. I know what u are talking about when the worst actually happens we accept 2 3 things. we know we can survive. we know the worst has happened. and we know who to trust. this clears alot of confusions in our heads. but I still really hope nothing bad happens not because of what it will do to me but because of what it will do to people around me.

      I had 4-5 strategies but in times like these the harder I try the harder it gets. if I start singing I might start having new types of inferiority complex. I do listen to music and poetry. doing that too. try multiple things. and yet I feel Im failing

      but I will keep on trying. I am better but struggling. I saw all these msgs like 7 8 hours ago but I didn’t even have enough strength to reply. i’m better enough to type something at least.

      thank you so much πŸ™‚

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  4. I hide away, pretend I’m not interested. I’ve missed lots of things because I get nervous about travelling, especially when someone else is driving. And yet in comparison with my partner my fears are minimal. He has suffered anxiety for years and we are trying to get help for him. Thankfully he survives x sending hugs to you x

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    1. I absolutely abhor anxiety! these stupid fears comes like an attach bath with it. and yes you miss so much. the biggest thing I miss is precious time that I waste getting scared because I cant stop fidgeting.
      he survives that’s great but below the surface it piles up I suggest everyone to get help. a lot of major mental health issues start from minor anxiety.
      thanks for hugs. and hugs for you too xx


  5. This is a problem that usually besets me at about 4am. S I “rebook” it. I tell myself I will worry about it at 11:15 am and give it 5 minutes then. Usually at 11:15 I am busy with something else.


  6. If I find myself playing the what if game. I usually ask myself if this or that happens what will you do. You know worst case scenario then what. Do I die, do I hide in fear and self sabotage. Or do I take this crazy ride called life one moment at a time knowing that there will be pain and sometimes the worst will happen but the good things happen too. Sometimes even outweighing the sorrow and pain. I talk myself into standing tall just like I talked myself into talking myself into smallness and isolation. Flipping the script. Don’t be so hard on yourself when writing isn’t flowing we aren’t machines. We can have unorthodox writing practices even when the world screams you need a ritual.

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